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The Most Dangerous Villain In NCIS Season 4

There's no shortage of dangerous villains on the crime procedural "NCIS." Special Agent Leroy Gibbs (Mark Harmon) and his team are known for taking down killers and threats to national security on a regular basis, and have done so for 19 seasons. That being said, among all of the many villains that Gibbs and crew have caught, some simply outshine the others. Like any other skill, villainy can be mastered and perfected, and boy have there been some masters of evil on the series.

Throughout the show's 4th season, there is one villain who outdoes all the rest in terms of the threat they pose. As a terrorist mastermind, this antagonist manages to outmaneuver and out-think the American military, as well as the NCIS squad, on multiple occasions. Thankfully, the NCIS crew does manage to catch them in the end. However, it takes a lot of effort, and multiple episodes, to bring down the most dangerous villain in "NCIS" Season 4.

Mamoun Sharif threatens the entire city

Not many villains can say that they avoided Gibbs and his team successfully, at least not for as long as Mamoun Sharif (Enzo Cilenti). While René Benoit, aka La Grenouille, (Armand Assante) might take the spot for the most iconic villain to appear in Season 4 of "NCIS," Sharif gets the nod for most dangerous as he not only threatened the lives of the NCIS team, but he also single-handedly posed a potential threat to an entire city. 

Originally introduced in the seventh episode of Season 4, "Sandblast," Sharif is a Lebanese terrorist who, after helping the CIA take down a Turkish smuggling ring, begins posing as a CIA informant. His true loyalties, however, are uncovered later in that episode when it is revealed that he is the man who orchestrated the targeted bombing of a marine colonel named Frederick Cooper. Though our heroes do manage to find out that Sharif is responsible for the bombings, as well as stop his next attack, Sharif himself manages to slip through their fingers.

Unfortunately, Sharif's luck runs out six episodes later in "Sharif Returns," when another death of a military officer sparks a manhunt. Instead of bombs this time, however, Sharif uses a poisonous gas to dispatch his targets, and he even claims to have unleashed it on the entirety of Washington D.C. This turns out to be a bluff, but it is enough to further motivate the NCIS to find him. When they finally do, Sharif even manages to poison Gibbs using the gas, but is killed by Lieutenant Colonel Mann (Susanna Thompson) before he can get away.