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Drew Van Acker's Shocking Last Survivors Scene That Made Alicia Silverstone Look Away - Exclusive

With a 30-year acting career under her belt, you would think Alicia Silverstone has seen it all. Her credits include "Clueless," "Batman & Robin," "Tropic Thunder," and "Lip Sync Battle," so you'd expect that she has experienced much of what Hollywood has to offer. Her latest project, "Last Survivors," threw her an unexpected curveball — one that literally shocked her so much that she had to look the other way.

The film, which is out now in theaters and available on demand, also stars Stephen Moyer and Drew Van Acker as a father and son who have been hiding in the mountains for 20 years, due to World War III leading to the collapse of society. There, they live off the land and kill anyone who comes near their secluded cabin. It's basically the only life Jake (Van Acker) has known — until his father is badly wounded and needs "outsider" medication. That's where Silverstone comes in, as Henrietta, who quickly becomes a target as Jake steals antibiotics and quickly becomes infatuated with her.

What was the scene that made Silverstone turn away during the filming of "Last Survivors"? Van Acker spilled the hilarious details during an exclusive interview with Looper.

Drew Van Acker had a strategically placed sock on for one scene

You might assume the hardest part of filming "Last Survivors" was that it was shot during the winter in Butte, Montana, where it can be freezing, snowy, and cloudy, but when asked to pick the biggest challenge that he faced during filming, Van Acker had an unexpected answer.

"The hardest part was probably seeing Alicia's face when I burst into the room, fully nude [after a shower scene]," says Van Acker. "That was probably the hardest part for me because it was a mix of shock and awe. It was a bit of looking away, and it was very uncomfortable, you know what I mean?"

When describing the actual moment of impact, he says, "It was more of like a [opens eyes wide] 'Oh...' But she's such a trooper. It was a good experience."

From Silverstone's perspective, there was a bigger issue at play than Van Acker being naked. "I think if I had to look away, it was because [he] had a sock over [his] penis," she says. "If he hadn't had the sock on, I definitely wouldn't have looked away ... It made it so silly."

"Last Survivors" is now playing in select theaters and available for rental and purchase on demand.