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Which Justified Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Following the adventures of devil-may-care Deputy U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens, "Justified" remains one of the best-reviewed dramas of the 2010s, and for good reason. The series wasn't just well-written, well-acted, and full of fast-paced western action — it was also populated by a roster of complicated and dynamic characters. Beyond star Timothy Olyphant as the swaggering Marshal Givens, Walton Goggins co-starred as his recurring nemesis Boyd Crowder, a complex villain who crisscrossed the line between arch criminal and anti-hero. Stars like Jeremy Davies and Neal McDonough also gave memorable performances as antagonists that would torment Crowder and Givens both, while fellow marshals Tim Gutterson (Jacob Pitts) and Rachel Brooks (Erica Tazel) played things much differently than their no-nonsense colleague. 

With such diverse heroes and villains, you'd think there'd be no room for anyone else, but the supporting cast of side characters made Harlan County a playground for some of television's most intense drama. All of the different personalities on "Justified" gave fans of all stripes someone to identify with, whether they were drawn to a righteous hero or a morally complicated villain. Or perhaps you love them all, but with so many to choose from, you can't decide which one embodies your spirit. Well, that's what we're here for, and we're using the zodiac as our guide. Scroll on to find out which "Justified" character you are based on your zodiac sign.

Aries: Raylan Givens

There may be no other character in television history who embodies the sign of the Aries more than Deputy U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens, the tough, no-nonsense lawman who leads "Justified." Headstrong, determined, brash, and cocksure, Raylan always takes action no matter the consequences, and never makes any apologies. With a charm and swagger perhaps matched only by other characters played by Timothy Olyphant, Raylan is a bold risk-taker who's always got a smile, a wink, and a smooth attitude to accompany every move he makes.

Fearless and driven, most of Raylan's best traits can also be his weaknesses, causing problems in both his personal and professional life. His penchant for pursuing his own methods — sometimes against orders — has gotten him in trouble with his boss, and Assistant U.S. Attorney David Vasquez (played by Rick Gomez), on more than one occasion. Aries often disregard other people in pursuit of their goals (as noble as they may be), while a lack of self-control can also land them in hot water with loved ones. Givens is guilty of this as well, with his ex-wife Winona being the prime example — Givens loses her not once but twice thanks to his obsession with his job. But in the end, he always strives to do the right thing because he has such a strong moral compass and solid sense of right and wrong.

Taurus: Chief Deputy Art Mullen

Taurus is the sign of the bull — often strong and steady, trustworthy and honest. But Taurans also dislike change, instead preferring things in their life to stay the way they are, embracing stability over excitement. And if anyone on "Justified" is a Taurus, it's the Chief Deputy of the Lexington U.S. Marshals Field Office, Art Mullen (Nick Searcy). Kind, loyal, and compassionate, Mullen can be fiery when those under him — particularly Raylan Givens — cause him trouble, mostly because he just doesn't like the trouble that comes with his best deputy's antics. Mullen would much prefer that his deputies go about their business and conduct their affairs steadily and by the book, because even if their criminal targets can be unpredictable, at least he can handle his own people ... but only if they follow the rules.

More than just the boss, though, Mullen is a father figure to many in the office, particularly Rachel, whom he has mentored, and even hands the office over to when he's injured and put on extended leave. When people have a problem, even a personal one, they're not uncomfortable sharing it with him, as he is dependable and a good listener, in classic Taurus style. But as you might expect from the sign of the bull, Art can be stubborn and prideful, too.

Gemini: Boyd Crowder

Devious, cunning, and two-faced, it should come as no surprise to fans of "Justified" that primary antagonist Boyd Crowder is our pick for Gemini, the sign of twins. Witty and charismatic, Boyd and other Gemini often use their humor to charm those around them, making them the life of the party. Endlessly talkative, they always have something to say on just about any subject — of which they usually claim to be an expert. And as a multi-faceted personality, it's often not an exaggeration. The downside to a Gemini's talkative nature, of course, is that it can drive people crazy, annoying even their closest friends, and getting them into a fair amount of trouble, too.

Boyd has the uncanny ability to size people up at first glance; he's an impeccable judge of character, good and bad, and that's what's helped him stay out of even more serious trouble for so long. It's also what helps him slip past the long arm of the law even when it does catch up to him — that, and his silver tongue. But the one thing above all else that a Gemini must eventually come to terms with is that the destination they're in search of may not even exist. They can't run forever, and Boyd learns this lesson a little too late.

Cancer: Ava Crowder

When scouring the roster of characters on "Justified" for a Cancer, Ava Crowder (Joelle Carter) is the obvious choice. Sensitive but strong, and fiercely protective, she is one who seeks comfort in the arms of others without sacrificing any of her power and independence. When we first meet Ava, she is married to Boyd's abusive, alcoholic brother Bowman, and she shows that power and independence by murdering him in self-defense. But it isn't long before her loneliness gets the better of her, and despite his ruthless ways, she eventually falls into the arms of Boyd himself.

But of all the traits most associated with the Cancer sign, it's Ava's ability to forgive — but never forget — that makes her stand out as the crab among the "Justified" cast. Because even though she'd been a loyal lover to Boyd for years, she always remembered what kind of man he truly was, and finally gets back at him at the close of the series, running off with his money, and starting a new life of her own. And while they were adversaries for much of the series, Ava never forgets the kindness Raylan had shown her, either. A compassionate caretaker, she helps those in need when she can, unable to turn a blind eye, and while her sense of right and wrong may need a bit of tuning, in the end, it bends slightly more towards good.

Leo: Wynn Duffy

Some of the more common characteristics of the Leo include their big personality, their showiness — always wanting to stand out in a crowd — and a warm exterior that masks their true, colder interior. It's hard to read that description and not think of the recurring mid-level baddie Wynn Duffy (Jere Burns) in "Justified." Always boasting a broad smile that hides his sinister motives, Duffy loves the luxury of the good life, and always seems to want to be the center of attention, his theatrical flair often the perfect distraction to help throw people off his scent.

It's also been said that Leos use their anger to mask their inner turmoil, and Duffy's short temper and explosive fits of rage do well to camouflage the scared, vulnerable man within. Because despite what his right-hand man Mikey (Jonathan Kowalsky) might believe, Duffy's not quite as tough as he seems, and has turned tail before, even ratting out former made men to save his own skin. A reputation for being a braggart is a shared trait between Duffy and the Leo, further cementing him as the perfect pick for the sign, as Duffy loves talking about himself, even when his excessive loquaciousness lands him in trouble. His love for feeling important, too, is very visible on "Justified." But if you're a Leo, remember Duffy wasn't all bad — just a bit too full of himself. Something to work on, perhaps.

Virgo: Tim Gutterson

The quiet type, Deputy U.S. Marshal Tim Gutterson is an ex-Army sniper who mostly keeps to himself, and is called in for the most dangerous of situations. More snarky than you might expect, he might be considered an introvert, and the kind of guy who uses a wry smile and lighthearted attitude as cover for his social awkwardness. If you're a Virgo, you'll most likely recognize a lot of these traits, and you probably have more in common with Deputy Gutterson than you might at first think. Virgos are typically neat freaks, and while we may not have seen Tim's home, he is definitely a man who likes things orderly, and "just so."

But one of the most important aspects of the Virgo is a need to feel useful — to feel like they have something to contribute to the world. Tim Gutterson found that usefulness after returning home from the military by joining the Marshals Service, and we've seen him volunteer for oddball assignments that nobody wants. It's clear he shares the need to feel useful, which can be both a blessing and a curse for the fall sign. The trouble with pegging a Virgo, of course, goes beyond just their often solitary, quiet nature, but even when they do get talking, they rarely talk about themselves. Given that we learned less about Gutterson than most of Raylan's fellow deputies, this makes perfect sense.

Libra: Winona Hawkins

If you were born between September 22 and October 3, that makes you a Libra, and you probably recognize a lot of yourself in Winona Hawkins (Natalie Zea), ex-wife and on-again-off-again lover of Raylan Givens. Libras hate being alone, and we can see how Winona's need for companionship keeps leading her back to Raylan, who isn't good for her, or back to Gary Hawkins — her second husband, played by William Ragsdale — who is downright awful for her. Libras are also said to have good aesthetics, and we daresay Winona may just boast the best sense of fashion on "Justified." 

Libras are also extremely averse to conflict, and we've seen Raylan's ex-wife desperately trying to avert confrontation — between herself and Raylan, between Raylan and Gary, and with anyone upon whom she might have some kind of influence. She's in a constant tug-of-war with her ex-husband to stop him from getting mixed up with the wrong people, because of his job and his pride. Ultimately, Winona would much rather hash things out over a strong coffee and with words and reason; it's just too bad the two men in her life are such hotheads. Prone to fantasy, Winona just couldn't help herself from dreaming of the perfect life with Raylan, another reason she repeatedly found herself coming back into his arms. It wasn't until she finally realized that her ex would never leave his dangerous calling that she finally accepted that her place was with someone else.

Scorpio: Robert Quarles

We're not going to sugarcoat this one: Robert Quarles (Neal McDonough) is perhaps the most sinister villain in the entire six-year run of "Justified." Whether you want to call him a psychopath or a sociopath, he's one violent, monstrous mob boss, with almost no redeeming qualities. So apologies to our friends born under the sign of the scorpion, but after matching up traits, there's no other zodiac sign that fits him as well as the Scorpio. It's a sign that embraces darkness, is not afraid of any pain or even death, instead viewing fear as a weapon to wield, and one he refuses to be struck by. In fact, the only thing a Scorpio — and Quarles — fears is being vulnerable, as he was when he crossed Detroit mafia capo Theo Tonin, played by Adam Arkin.

With piercing blue eyes, Quarles is stoic, with a personality that's hard to identify, because he becomes different people in different situations. He's always looking to manipulate events for his own ends. Dark and unhinged, he can seem like a solid rock teetering on a razor's edge. Though not all Scorpios are evil like Quarles — or even bad — they're typically enigmatic and unknowable.

Sagittarius: Dickie Bennett

A fighter and wannabe scholar, and the son of ruthless-but-lovable drug kingpin Mags Bennett (Margo Martindale), Dickie (Jeremy Davies) was a one-time rival of Raylan Givens back when they were in high school. In a defining incident, Dickie and Raylan had gotten into a scrap on the baseball diamond, and Raylan smashed his knee with a bat, giving him a lifelong limp. Fortunes since then have not been not kind to Dickie, with life's struggles turning him from a strong and faith-empowered Sagittarius into a more spiteful and bitter individual. But despite his vengeful outlook, he still holds all the marks of the sign of the Archer.

Passionate, and never afraid to speak his mind, Dickie knows his truth, and swings it like a club. Pridefully ambitious, he wants what's rightfully his, what he knows he deserves, and what he's given so much for; he just can't seem to grab hold of it. While shrewd, his bitterness and frustration have boiled over and clouded his intellect, and reshaped his worldview, which is now driven almost entirely by emotion. Many born under the sign of Sagittarius have an inner strength that makes them a formidable force for good, but Dickie's strength comes from pain, and has twisted him into something else entirely.

Capricorn: Wendy Crowe

In the fifth season of "Justified," we meet the extended family of Southern gator-hunter Dewey Crowe (Damon Herriman). Michael Rapaport joins the cast as Dewey's towering cousin Daryl,who moves his family to Kentucky after Dewey wins a lawsuit against the state, in an attempt to leech off of his cousin's newfound fortune. It's not Daryl, but cousin Wendy (Alicia Witt) who's our pick for Capricorn. She's the only woman in the Crowe family, and the most level-headed and mature one. 

Forced to be the caretaker of her lesser-witted brothers, Wendy was the Capricorn who had to be a full-grown adult since she was young, taking on more responsibility than she should have. Though she didn't actually approve of her family's less reputable behavior, she was motivated and duty-bound by a sense of familial loyalty to look out for them. Oddly enough, it's said that Capricorns would make great lawyers, and that's exactly what Wendy is studying to become. Not wanting to hurt her son, she lied to him about his deadbeat father, telling Kendal (Jacob Lofland) that Jack (Kyle Bornheimer) was his uncle — and she his sister — out of fear, and a twisted sense of responsibility. Because Capricorns are a collector of responsibility, Wendy took on so much that she finally snapped; she killed her older brother in self-defense. 

Aquarius: Ellstin Limehouse

A mysterious figure, Ellstin Limehouse (Mykelti Williamson) lives in the hills of Harlan County's Nobles Holler, an area that largely off-limits to outsiders. You'd rarely find anyone venturing there, not even the long arm of the law. Limehouse runs the community as a kind of remnant of an older world, but Raylan finds himself stepping foot in Limehouse's domain in a few notable instances. Though violent and ruthless, Limehouse has his own unique code of ethics, and opens his doors to the downtrodden — particularly abused women, though on some occasions it's not always for entirely selfless reasons. He's a pragmatist and tries to avoid acting on feelings, which is a common trait of the Aquarian

Instead, those born under the sign are more conceptual in nature, acting on what they believe will do the most good — and in Limehouse's case, his people's good. Obsessed with the freedom and life of his own insular community in the holler, he's an armchair philosopher who enjoys being an enigma to those outside his land. Sometimes, however, his Aquarian traits — his need for isolation, and his strongly held beliefs — are in direct conflict with his need for community, leading him to help outsiders in rare situations.

Pisces: Ellen May

Ellen May (Abby Miller), the sympathetic hard-luck case and sex worker who turned her life around by escaping the Crowders, is more than meets the eye — and that's pretty well true of most people born under the sign of Pisces. She often comes across as dimwitted, but after ditching her addictions, it's clear she's smarter than she's given credit for. It's likely her lack of formal education gives this impression, but she has shrewd insight into others, and, like a Pisces, is prone to fantasy, which can provide an illusion that she's not well-reasoned. Instead, she's wise, even if she often has her head in the clouds. She has not allowed her difficult life to destroy her love of people, or her dreams for the future. She has kept a sense of wonder and awe, an ability to see the beauty in the world despite having seen its ugliest sides.

A sponge of personality, Ellen May can be a different person based on who she surrounds herself with, which can be another reason she's often misjudged. It's also why being with the right people is critical to her portrayal on the series, as it's only when she escaped her life at the Crowder-owned brothel, Audrey's, that she's finally seen for who she really is. And that is true of a Pisces, who must be careful to whom they devote their energy, because it can be the difference between entering the darkness or embracing the light.