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The Most Pause-Worthy Moment In Jackass: The Movie

2002's "Jackass: The Movie" was a turning point for the stunt team who had made a living performing outrageous and death-defying stunts on MTV. Their move to the big screen allowed the team to take on stunts that were more ridiculous and dangerous than any they had performed before — and their efforts resulted in an instant classic.

The first outing in the "Jackass" film franchise has scenes that range from hilarious to downright repulsive and it is packed with some of the most iconic stunts the team has ever performed. Who can forget the prank where Dave England relieves himself in a hardware store model toilet? Or the stunt where Steve-O crawls along a tightrope above a pit of hungry alligators with a large hunk of chicken hanging from his underwear? The movie is packed with these utterly absurd scenes that are sure to make you belly-laugh time and time again, though there's one moment in the movie that easily rises above the rest.

Ryan Dunn's X-Ray is an all-time favorite Jackass scene

Near the end of the film, the late Ryan Dunn performs what is perhaps one of the funniest bits in the entire Jackass franchise: sticking a little toy car up his butt and then going into an X-Ray office to have it examined. The scene follows Dunn as he enters the doctor's office and tells the doctor that he passed out at a party last night and thinks he broke something because "he hasn't been able to walk right since."

The doctor quickly gives him an X-Ray, and in what is perhaps the most paused moment in the entire movie, a nurse briefly holds up a printed X-Ray clearly showing the toy car, and the look of utter bewilderment on her face is absolutely hysterical. The scene only gets funnier when Dunn confronts the doctor about the X-Ray, asking "how did a car toy get up there?" With perfect comedic timing, his doctor responds, "maybe you stuck it up your ass!"

The doctor then gives Dunn a deathly serious talk about how he needs to keep it a secret, pointing to the cameraman and saying "he already knows, that's too many people." The absurd look on the nurse's face, the stern talking-to from the doctor, and the X-Ray itself make for what is possibly the funniest scene in the entire film.

Dunn's X-Ray has a legacy of it's own

The scene is easily the most pause-worthy for fans who wanted a better look at just how ridiculous that X-Ray really is, and the scene has since gone down as one of the greatest stunts the Jackass team has ever performed. The stunt comes up frequently in Reddit threads where users discuss their favorite stunts from the series, with some fondly remembering the first time they ever watched it. "I don't think I've heard a crowd laugh harder before or since," wrote u/RickGrimes30 – quoting the doctor's iconic 'you go straight home, you tell nobody" line. User u/FINNCULL19 listed it as one of his all-time favorite stunts, saying "the nurse's reaction once she gets the X-Ray is hilarious as hell!"

The scene is so legendary that the infamous X-Ray was actually purchased by a Dutch lawyer and art collector named Aernoud Bourdrez, who displayed the X-Ray in an art exhibit he aptly titled "Butt X-Ray" (via VICE). It's a scene that has stood the test of time as one of the funniest and most iconic stunts that the team has ever performed, and continues to get laughs to this day.