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The Best Arrest In Blue Bloods Season 6

For over a decade, "Blue Bloods" has remained fan-favorite programming on CBS. It's easy to see why; the Reagan family is captivating to watch as they all prove their valor in New York law enforcement by bringing one criminal after the next to justice. And nothing beats the sensation of watching the Reagans struggle with a case only to see them emerge victorious by the end with the bad guy in custody.

Sometimes the arrest happens at the end of the episode. In other instances, it's only the beginning of a long, arduous journey to try to gather as much evidence as possible to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the perp is, in fact, the one responsible for the crime. Every season has ample triumphant moments, and Season 6 is certainly no exception. However, there's one moment, in particular, that probably felt pretty good for fans watching.

The arrest in All the News That's Fit to Click feels vindicating

There's always something fulfilling about watching the Reagans arrest criminals, but if you watch "Blue Bloods" in chronological order, then there's something especially satisfying about the arrest made in Season 6's "All the News That's Fit to Click." For context, the previous episode, "Absolute Power," sees Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) chase down a serial killer, but he's unsuccessful. That episode ends with Danny receiving a call from the killer, and as fans know all too well, the two eventually meet once again. 

It's a rare example of Danny failing to bring a bad person to justice, which makes his work in the following story so great to see. In it, he chases down a criminal who's targeting police officers after making an attempt on a reporter's life when he goes on a ride-along while wearing cop attire. Danny eventually tracks the perpetrator down to his vehicle outside of a sports stadium, and to top it all off, Danny arrests him while quipping, "Ball game's been postponed, tough guy." 

It's riveting to see because it's ultimately why people tune in to "Blue Bloods" in the first place. Danny and his team exhibit exceptional skill out in the field, and even when the suspect is in custody, Danny has his work cut out for him trying to tie all of the evidence back to the arrested party. But Danny's the best at what he does for a reason, and it's clear to see why this episode has earned itself a rating of 8.5/10 on IMDb.