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The Danny Detail In Blue Bloods That Bothers Fans

Enforcing the law in New York City turns out to be a family business. On Blue Bloodsthe Reagan family are all involved with law enforcement, in one aspect or another. Commissioner Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) runs the show, but his kids also get in on the fun. Erin (Bridget Moynahan) works for the District Attorney, Jamie (Will Estes) is a cop, and Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) is a detective. Danny's the one who often has to get into the streets to solve crimes, and while he has accomplished a lot over his tenure on the show, he has also had more than his fair share of issues.

As a result, Danny is one of the more interesting characters on the show — especially considering his mental profile, but losing your wife will do that. It's probably for this reason fans tend to pay attention to every last detail associated with him, such as how he doesn't really seem to be bothered by all the people he's killed. However, that's not the only thing fans have found interesting. In fact, if you pay really close attention to how Danny tends to hold guns, then you may have noticed something else a little bit ... off, about him. 

Fans have pointed out how Danny Reagan holds his gun differently than he should

In a Reddit thread kicked off by user x6shotrevolvers, the Blue Bloods fan raised an interesting point, when he questioned why Danny holds the gun the way he does, arguing, "He also has his pistol on his left hip and will carry it left handed sometimes but basically every time he's actually shooting or holding it with two hands it's right dominant?" Of course, the simplest explanation would be that he's ambidextrous, but some fans aren't buying it. As fellow Redditor Halt1776 stated, "I noticed it too, and it annoys me. Either he's right handed and they only had a left handed holster or they think him switching hands [is tacti-cool] because he's a marine." It would stand to reason that if Danny was truly left-handed, then that's the one that would be dominant when he's holding (and subsequently shooting) his gun. To get to the bottom of this, it may help to listen to people with some real-world experience. 

Redditor ghost_mv points out, "It may depend on his field of vision. A well trained shooter will change their hold from side to side depending on their cover or perspective in aiming." The show's never offered an explanation for why Danny wears his holster on his left-hand side but is dominant with his right hand when pointing the gun, but who knows what we may learn in the upcoming season ... if they choose to address this, anyway. 

One more thing, just in case you were curious: Yes, Donnie Wahlberg does, in fact, seem to be left-handed in real life, seeing how in 2013 he tweeted out a message of "Happy LEFTIES Day!" to his followers.