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The Resident Evil Easter Egg You Might Have Missed In Dying Light 2: Stay Human

The massive open-world zombie game "Dying Light 2" is out now, with critics praising the game for its fun gameplay, even if the story has been found to be a bit lacking. The massive city in which "Dying Light 2" takes place is full of small side stories, so many that Techland has previously claimed it would take 500 hours to see everything in the game. A very blatant reference to another zombie franchise is in one of those side stories, giving a nod to "Resident Evil." The reference to Capcom's massive zombie franchise is contained in a main mission in "Dying Light 2," and it's so on the nose that pretty much anyone who has played a "Resident Evil" game will pick up on the reference.

The reference to "Resident Evil” comes during the mission "Broadcast," during which Aiden Caldwell (voiced by Jonah Scott) is tasked with restoring power to a Peacekeeper's building.

Leon and Chris are in Dying Light 2

After being tasked with turning the power back on, Aiden finds an injured peacekeeper named Leon. By itself, this could just be a coincidence, but what follows makes it a clear nod to "Resident Evil." Leon asks Aiden to find the rest of his squad. Aiden goes on to try and find the rest of the squad, discovering they have already been infected. 

After killing them, Aiden can collect their dog tags – one of which very clearly reads "Chris Redfield," making the reference to "Resident Evil" clear by namedropping one of the series' main heroes. It also retroactively makes the reference to Leon Kennedy more apparent. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any special weapons that reference "Resident Evil," but it's nice to see "Dying Light 2" pay homage to the king of zombie game franchises.

That isn't even the only reference in "Dying Light 2" to another zombie franchise. At the start of the game there is a vinyl record of "Who Do You Voodoo?" which is a song from "Dead Island." Of course, the original "Dead Island" was developed by Techland, the group that also made "Dying Light 2."