How Samuel L. Jackson Really Feels About His Relationship With Brie Larson

With so many movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it's no surprise that the franchise's many cast members have forged friendships over the years. Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson, for instance, have been as thick as thieves since well before the MCU came to fruition, developing their bond through their shared time in the 2004 movie "The Perfect Score." However, they're hardly the only example. You'll find that most major MCU cast members have a fondness for one another. Heck, five of the six original Avengers have matching tattoos (via Insider).

That said, there is one MCU friendship that you might not know about, mostly because the two actors have only been in the same MCU movie on two occasions. As Evans and Johansson show, however, non-MCU films also have a part to play in developing off-screen friendships, which is why it's not entirely surprising that Samuel L. Jackson and Brie Larson, who portray Nick Fury and Captain Marvel, respectively, have their own behind-the-scenes bond. The two had worked together on several movies before their characters ever met in the MCU and were already bro-ing it up by the time "Captain Marvel" started production. In some ways, it even helped with their on-screen chemistry. At least, that's according to Jackson himself, who revealed how he really feels about his relationship with Larson in a 2019 interview with IndieWire.

Jackson and Larson became friends fighting bugs in the tropics

When it comes down to it, the origin of Samuel L. Jackson and Brie Larson's friendship dates back to the 2017 movie "Kong: Skull Island." Set on the eponymous uncharted island, the cast and crew of "Skull Island" spent their time off enduring the bug-infested, Wi-Fi-less conditions of its various tropical filming locations. From Vietnam to Hawaii to Australia, the only thing to do was "interact with each other and talk," as Jackson told IndieWire.

Thanks to those interactions, the two actors sparked a solid working friendship that would go on to benefit them in "Captain Marvel," when a youthful, two-eyed Nick Fury encounters his first superhuman in Larson's Carol Danvers. "We know each other very well," Jackson said. "We do better back and forth, we do laugh easily between the two of us."

In the midst of filming "Skull Island," Jackson was the one urging Larson to stay on set rather than fly out and accept her numerous awards for "Room," to no avail. And when Larson began casting characters in her own film, "Unicorn Store," Jackson seemed miffed that Larson never asked him to join, at least until she buckled and offered him a role. Since then, however, the two have remained good friends. Fans can next see them on-screen together in 2023's "The Marvels."