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The Real Reason You Don't Hear From Zachery Ty Bryan Anymore

Who could forget the iconic '90s sitcom "Home Improvement?" It starred the likes of Tim Allen, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Earl Hindman, and Patricia Richardson. It also starred Zachery Ty Bryan as the eldest of the Taylor family's 3 sons. Based on some of Tim Allen's standup, the show followed the frequently-used "solving the problem of the week in 22 minutes or less" story formula that network sitcoms were notorious for at the time. All that said, it was wildly popular during its heyday. 

That show launched the teen heartthrob careers for both Bryan and his co-star Thomas (also known as JTT in his early years). As they matured and got older, they eventually transitioned into regular acting roles and were involved in several notable projects during the early 2000s. Unlike Thomas, Bryan has been noticeably absent from the entertainment scene since around 2009 — but there are some very specific reasons why he's been living a more private life these days.

His legal troubles and political beliefs have alienated fans

Back in October of 2020, Bryan was arrested for a domestic violence incident between him and his girlfriend at the time, just a month after divorcing his high school sweetheart in September. There were several charges brought upon him, but he pled guilty to 2 of them and agreed to 3 years of probation, as well as an immediate end to that relationship. A little over a year later, he was already engaged to someone new. He proudly announced the news on his Instagram account, which is now private.

He also deleted his Twitter account around the same time that he was dealing with the domestic violence charges, but for a different reason. He was lambasted all over social media after he wrote a pro-Trump, anti-Biden tweet that provoked an angry backlash. Whether your political beliefs align with his or not, the criticism was harsh enough that he now keeps a very low-key social media presence to this day.