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The Best Character In Kakegurui According To Fans

What do you get when you combine a private high school academy with high-stakes gambling? You get the popular Japanese anime "Kakegurui." The show is basically what it says on the tin — it features rich private school students who spend most of their time gambling with one another for real money, in addition to prestige and dominance over their fellow students. It's not just emotional domination, either. In the first episode, a student who loses a high-stakes card game gets treated like a human footstool and re-named "puppy" by his victor.

The show is a little dark, a little steamy, and a little demonic, all rolled into one. It might be a cartoon, but it is definitely not meant to be a family-friendly show. Because the characters are at odds with each other more often than not, there's lots of competitive chatter among fans about who their favorite compulsive gambler is. If you're familiar with this anime, you won't be surprised by who viewers like most.

Just like on the show, Yumeko wins again

Despite being the newest member of the Hyakkaou Private Academy, Yumeko is the main character on the show. She comes off as sweet and innocent at first, but once she gets going at the gambling table, her darker side comes out. In her first appearance on the show, she quickly bests one of the main mean girls at the academy, much to the surprise of everyone present.

She's not just a dominant presence on the show. She reigns supreme among fans as well, according to this Reddit poll asking fans who their favorite female character is. "Yumeko is always the alpha female lead in my heart," writes SiriusBlack216, while Fakingaface backs that up with "As much as I love all of them, Yumeko all the way." There are several comments underneath the poll with fans of other characters, justifying their personal choices. With 34% of the vote, though, it's hard to argue against Yumeko as the best girl.