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The Worst Thing Nellie Ever Did On The Office

Nellie Bertram (Catherine Tate) first made her appearance on the 7th season of "The Office," which eventually led to her employment at the Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin. This was unfortunate for the workers at Dunder Mifflin, but seemingly the fans as well who never really seemed to warm up to Nellie.

In "The Office" subreddit, a user shared a post insinuating that Robert California (James Spader) is the worst character in the show. However, an overwhelming amount of fans in the comments disagreed with that accusation and named their personal least favorite character. Their responses showed a large distaste for Nellie, with u/babe_ruthless3 writing, "Nelly [sic] by far is the worst. Adding her to the show didn't make sense to me." Another fan kept it simple, as u/OutOfSpite20 simply commented that they "HATED" her.

During her time on the show, Nellie had done a lot of things that definitely warrant that response from fans. There was the time she named her charity initiative "The Taliban," and we shouldn't forget the meeting she held about impotence. These are just a few slight examples of the awful things she pulled off, but what is the absolute worst thing Nellie did on "The Office"?

Nellie led Toby on

When Nellie finds herself working for the Scranton branch, Toby Flenderson (Paul Lieberstein) starts putting the moves on Nellie in his never-ending quest for love. The two do become sort of sidekicks in an odd way with Nellie helping Toby on his path to solving the mystery of the Scranton Strangler.

Furthermore, rather than just shut down his advances or make it clear that she is unavailable, Nellie decides to lead him on. She just sits there and lets Toby believe that there is a chance. In fact, at one point, she even kisses him. To be fair, it was in an attempt to shut him up, but nonetheless, she kissed him. This is kind of heartless of Nellie to lead Toby on this way, as she plays with the poor guy's emotions. 

Fans have also agreed to this being one of the worst things Nellie has done. In "The Office" subreddit, on a post titled "Nellie is the worst character on 'The Office' Hands down," u/iLikeTurtuls listed reasons they dislike Nellie, adding, "Lastly, she not only makes fun of Toby for dressing as him, but also plays him by thinking that she is interested, when she truly isn't."

Another user pointed out that some of her motivations in leading Toby on were just as awful. "Just because she wants a child and can only snag Toby (which makes her worse) I don't see why anyone could warm to her," u/mralexbret wrote.

So, unfortunately, this just seems to be in Nellie's nature as when some of the characters were in Tallahassee, Nellie loved that people were attempting to seduce or win her over. Leading Toby on was one of the worst things Nellie did, but certainly not the only one.