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Maple's Machine God Form In Bofuri Explained

No matter what happens, it seems like the bright-eyed protagonist of "Bofuri: I Don't Want to Get Hurt, so I'll Max Out My Defense," Maple, is just too darn overpowered to get beaten. From unintentionally leveling up her stats in a way that made her nigh-impregnable, to eating a boss and gaining its destructive form, the other players of the VRMMORPG NewWorld Online just can't seem to get an edge on this clumsy powerhouse. And, if that wasn't enough, Maple is also a god.

Well, technically that isn't true. She isn't a literal god, even as her practically unkillable gamer avatar. She does, however, possess a powerful transformation known as the Machine God form. Taken straight from the pages of "Mobile Suit Gundam," Maple's Machine God form is another way that this invincible anime girl flips the script on her opponents. Unlike her base form, the Machine God form can actually do some real damage. However, this increased damage has its drawbacks.

Maple's Machine God form trades equipment for armaments

Appearing for the first time in Episode 8 of the series, Maple acquires her Machine God form from the first Machine God, a rusted old corrupted machine NPC who grants her the ability upon his inevitable defeat. Doing so not only gave Maple the new transformation, but also made her the third Machine God in NewWorld Online. The transformation itself doesn't change Maple's appearance much. However, it does grant her a mecha suit which replaces her regular armaments, her shield and sword, in battle.

By trading these and other armaments away, Maple's Machine God form can fire all the kinds of weaponry you would expect from an anime mecha suit (per Fandom). Laser blasts, missiles, and flight all punctuate her fighting style while in this form, and give her a major edge when it comes to damage. As a last resort, Maple can also use the "Break Core" ability in this form, which sends a glowing red orb from a hole in the user's heart. After a short time, the orb detonates, nullifying all attacks in a given area and causing damage to anyone in the vicinity, including Maple.

The real kicker in Maple's Machine God form, however, is that she doesn't lose all of her defensive abilities while transformed. During her fight against Mii, Markus, and Misery (as seen onĀ YouTube), Mii latches on to the form and self-destructs as a final attempt at victory. Unfortunately, it fails and Maple is left relatively unscathed.