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The Batwoman Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

While the Marvel Cinematic Universe has dominated Hollywood when it comes to superheroes, DC has had plenty of success on the small screen. The Arrowverse, which now comprises seven different series, has expanded from "Arrow" to the likes of "Black Lightning" and Supergirl." One of the more recent additions to the television franchise is "Batwoman" — an adaptation that follows Kate Kane after she takes over from her cousin Bruce Wayne in protecting Gotham City.

The first season focused on Ruby Rose's portrayal of Kane as a vigilante, following the sudden disappearance of Batman. The second introduced a new original character called Ryan Wilder (Javicia Leslie), who carries on the mantle of Batwoman to this day. The pair have been joined by a wide array of other individuals from the world of DC comics, each with their own distinct personalities.

Much like the signs of the zodiac, every individual in the series has a selection of traits and characteristics that help define their identities. This makes the show an ideal choice to see exactly who you relate to most. Read on to find out which character from "Batwoman" you would be based on your zodiac sign.

Aries: Ryan Wilder

Before the death of her adoptive mother, Ryan Wilder was a cheerful person who enjoyed life and was a joy to be around. So it would be no surprise if Ryan was an Aries, who are often naturally happy people. However, she had a tough childhood, putting her very much at odds with the likes of Kate Kane and even Bruce Wayne who lived lives with every advantage available to them.

As a vigilante in peak physical condition, she has demonstrated the Aries traits of being highly competitive and determined. This incarnation of Batwoman will do whatever it takes to accomplish her goals, and is highly courageous but has a reckless streak that can see her get very impulsive. Ryan is also principled and honest, with a certain hostility towards those who deserve it or who have not yet earned her trust. That's to be expected for someone represented by the first fire sign.

It also makes sense for Ryan to be associated with Aries. After all, the crime-fighter is young compared to most DC heroes and has only just taken on the mantle of Batwoman. This means that she will continue to develop and grow into the role, something the Aries sign fits with, considering it is essentially the baby of the zodiac.

Taurus: Safiyah Sohail

Safiyah Sohail (Shivani Ghai) arrived in "Batwoman" during the second season of the show, after some references in the first collection of episodes teased that she would show up. The character is actually pretty new to the world of DC. In fact, she only made her debut in the comics in 2017, but has established herself as a popular and successful character since then. The ruler of Coryana and a villain, Safiyah is someone who takes extreme measures to protect her people and get exactly what she wants.

Like the bull that represents the star sign, Safiyah can be truly frightening, especially when something raises her temper. This is a typical Taurean trait, as is the desire to be a protective leader who will jump in front of danger. As the queen of Coryana, this is exactly what she does as part of her role. Of course, the island is itself a lush paradise-like environment, and the Taurus is regularly linked with serene and pleasant locations where they can find peace. Safiyah is stubborn and unforgiving in the same way as the steadfast bull, not standing for betrayal from anyone she trusts, but thanks to their association with Saturn can be loving and sensual.

Gemini: Beth Kane

Beth Kane (Rachel Skarsten) is usually depicted as a villain in the comics, although she is sometimes more of an antihero. The twin sister of Kate Kane, Beth has dual personalities and also goes by the name Alice. She is well known throughout Gotham for her criminal dealings and led the Wonderland gang for a time.

The best fit for Beth is undoubtedly Gemini. The zodiac sign is represented by the celestial twins of Castor and Pollux, very fitting considering that Beth herself is a twin. The sign is considered by many to be two-faced, although this is something of a misunderstanding. Nevertheless, the sign has developed this reputation and it makes sense for Beth — or Alice — to be associated with it.

In her younger form, Beth was cheerful and fun-loving like most Gemini, yet she has developed a darker personality in part due to the trauma she has suffered. Training as an assassin under Safiyah, she was full of rage and vengeful. Outraged by what has happened to her, Beth has become a twisted mirror of herself, motivated purely by hatred.

Cancer: Renee Montoya

Renee Montoya (Victoria Cartagena) is an ex-detective who previously led the Rogues unit before leaving Gotham City Police Department. She is also the romantic partner of Pamela Isley (Bridget Regan), the woman who would become Poison Ivy, although she had earlier betrayed her and worked with Batman to have her captured.

During the show, Renee feels terrible about this as she loves Pamela deeply and shows great remorse, promising to never give up on her again. This demonstrates one of the biggest traits of the Cancer sign, with Renee proving how loyal and loving she can be. Yet, she has a manipulative side, using the strong imagination that all Cancers have to lie and deceive others. She was successfully able to dupe the Bat Team several times, proving how capable she is at lying.

Cancer is a cardinal water sign, stylized as a crab and ruled by the moon. Just like with other water signs, Cancers are intuitive and highly empathetic, with something of a righteous streak. This certainly applies to Renee, who has a sense of always being right and wants to clean up Gotham.

Leo: Tommy Elliot

Leo is a zodiac sign traditionally associated with heroes and natural leaders. Typical Leos are brave warriors who never give in, and while this may not be a great description of Tommy Elliot (Gabriel Mann), he does share many other traits with the sign. A childhood friend of Bruce Wayne, he ran Elliot Estates and has a deep hatred of Batman, as he blames the Dark Knight for ruining his life.

Incredibly self-centered, Tommy thinks that he is better than everyone else and will go out of his way to prove that. He is narcissistic to a fault, so self-involved that he does not take into account anyone else's feelings. This is common of Leos, who generally want to get all the attention in any given situation and can be vain as a result. Like Tommy, those born under this sign have a tendency to show off their achievements.

Another obvious characteristic Tommy shares with Leo is his temper. He can be quick to anger and throw tantrums when he does not get what he wants. As a fixed fire sign ruled by the sun, Leo is linked with ferocity and confidence, meaning they can suddenly explode in frustration and have a fiery disposition.

Virgo: Mary Hamilton

Mary Hamilton (Nicole Kang) is a doctor who runs an illegal clinic in Gotham with the aim of helping those who cannot afford standard healthcare or insurance. An ally of Batwoman, she provided the hero with medical assistance when necessary, but was later infected with a vine created by Pamela Isley, leading her to become her own version of Poison Ivy and battling against her former colleagues.

Before becoming the villain, Mary was a deeply caring person. She ran a clinic to help those who needed it most, an attribute clearly representative of Virgo. The zodiac sign is often seen as having a motherly nature and a modest temperament, making them ideal protectors and caregivers. Filled with empathy, she fully understands the plight of the less fortunate in Gotham and, like all good Virgos, is clever and practical enough to do something about it.

Even when taking on the persona of Poison Ivy, Mary still maintains a casual demeanor and a desire to have fun. That fits well with the Virgo zodiac sign, as does the industrious way she goes about her work — in both versions of her life.

Libra: Jacob Kane

In "Batwoman," Jacob Kane (Dougray Scott) is a former army colonel who now runs Crows Security, a private organization that helps maintain order in Gotham and keep its residents safe. Unfortunately, the group becomes just as corrupt as the city's police department and Jacob disbands it, showing that he has the morals and desire to do the right thing, even if it is against his own interests.

One of the main traits of the air sign Libra is an obsession with achieving equality and justice. This is one of the reasons it is represented by the scales of justice, so it makes sense for Jacob to be a Libra as he fights against injustice and wants Gotham to be a safe place for everyone to live. It is for this reason that he also dislikes vigilantes and instead favors law and order, as he does not want someone taking matters into their own hands.

Jacob is also skilled at fitting in at a variety of locations and social circles, in the same way that Libras can seemingly shapeshift. Like the zodiac sign, he was once a friendly and sociable person, who enjoyed spending time with his family.

Scorpio: Jonathan Cartwright

Jonathan Cartwright (Sam Littlefield) was the second-in-command of the Wonderland gang, reporting directly to Alice. Known by his alter ego Mouse, he was an expert impersonator thanks to his ability to mimic almost any voice. Meanwhile, Scorpio is a water sign that has a reputation for being the darkest sign of the zodiac, with many focusing on the fierce power associated with it and the secretive nature of those born under the sign.

Considering the evil way in which Jonathan does his business, being connected to the sign considered the most malevolent seems only right. Yet, they can be deeply loyal to those that they love. Throughout "Batwoman," Jonathan demonstrates that he is utterly devoted to Beth and does not want any harm to come to her.

Scorpios have a tendency to become obsessive, getting fixated on things to a point that it can consume all their energy and passion. Jonathan is obsessed with "Alice in Wonderland," and is almost tormented by his knowledge of the Lewis Carroll story. This obsessiveness can lead to jealousy quite easily, with Jonathan killing because Alice shows affection to others — another Scorpio quality that he has.

Sagittarius: Julia Pennyworth

Sagittarius is a zodiac sign that has many elements to it. It is not unusual for Sagittarians to be highly optimistic and charming, able to exude a calmness in everything they do. Like the other fire signs, Sagittarius is associated with bright energy and those born under the sign will be full of vitality. They will likely also be compassionate people who are easy to get along with, keeping everyone entertained and laughing. Out of everyone in "Batwoman," these traits describe one character in particular and that is Julia Pennyworth (Christina Wolfe).

A former Special Reconnaissance Regiment spy, Julia is the daughter of Alfred Pennyworth. Working as part of Batwoman's team, she has helped fight against Crows Security and kept the Bat Team's identities secret. A confident woman, Julia has proven adept at appealing to those around her, thanks to an easygoing personality. Possessing a great sense of humor and quick wit, the character has consistently shown that she has Sagittarius attributes. This is even more evident when it comes to her loyalty to those for whom she has strong feelings.

Capricorn: Luke Fox

Luke Fox (Camrus Johnson) is a close friend of Bruce Wayne and presumably one of the few people within the show that know his secret identity as Batman. He is fiercely protective of the Dark Knight and completely loyal, traits that fit well with the Capricorn sign. After all, this zodiac sign is all about responsibility and being accountable for actions, things that Luke obviously has in abundance. Of course, the character is ambitious and organized, in both his civilian and Batwing personas.

Like his father Lucius Fox, Luke possesses a genius level of intelligence and is skilled in a number of disciplines, including engineering and technology. Capricorns are known for their intellect and practicality, having a grounded nature based on logic. Working with the Bat Team, Luke has displayed a work ethic for which Capricorns are famous. As you might expect from someone so close to Batman, he has a strong sense of justice and a desire to keep the citizens of Gotham safe from evil.

Aquarius: Kate Kane

The cousin of Bruce Wayne, Kate (Ruby Rose) took on the mantle of Batwoman after Batman disappeared from the Arrowverse. She discovered Bruce's secret identity and used his equipment and former allies to aid her in becoming a vigilante. Out of all the signs of the zodiac, she is best represented by Aquarius, the final air sign and one that values rebellion and progression. Kate embodies that completely, with her desire to improve the world and make Gotham a better place to live. She even has the defiant and unruly personality, striking her own path rather than simply following in the footsteps of her father.

As is the case with many Aquarians, Kate stands out from the crowd. She is an exceptional human being, capable of incredible feats and is very intelligent, with an intellect to match most in "Batwoman." Possessing a fearless attitude, Kate will boldly go into any situation as a true hero and is perfectly at home with her own sexuality. Outwardly stoic, another Aquarius feature, the character is more open and honest with those in her inner circle.

Pisces: Sophie Moore

Working for Crows Security directly under Jacob Kane, Sophie Moore (Meagan Tandy) is a romantic interest for Kate Kane. Graduating from Point Rock Academy, she joined the private security force and soon rose through the ranks. She has a very strong sense of justice and believes that empathy is an important quality for people to have. The character cares deeply for those around her and is very sympathetic, able to comfort those who need it. These are all traits shared by Pisces, the mutable water sign represented by two opposing fish.

Another Piscean attribute is a sense of romance, with Moore showing several times that she can fall head over heels in love with characters such as Kate and later Julia Pennyworth. Like the symbol of Pisces, Sophie has struggled with an internal conflict between wanting to keep her family happy and be true to her own self. This stopped her from coming out about her sexuality for many years, something that caused Sophie a lot of anguish.