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The Worst Episode Of Bofuri According To IMDb

The subtitle of the anime "Bofuri: I Don't Want to Get Hurt, So I'll Max Out My Defense" pretty much tells those curious about the show most of what they need to know. The half-slice-of-life, half-fantasy-adventure series follows a girl named Kaede Honjō, who begins playing a virtual reality-based massive multiplayer online role-playing video game called NewWorld Online. In the game, she goes by the name Maple and decides to allocate all the experience points she gains into her defense stat as she doesn't like getting hurt. Honjō's oddball strategy surprisingly works and the series sees her grow into one of the most powerful players in the game.

The "Bofuri" anime has only had one season so far, which aired in 2020 and lasted a brief 13 episodes. But while a second season of the show is set to premiere in 2022, fans have wasted no time discussing their thoughts on the series so far and its various highs and lows. As it turns out, there seems to be a general consensus on what the weakest episode of "Bofuri" is.

Fans scored Defense and Reaching Second Level as Bofuri's worst episode

According to IMDb, Episode 3 of the show, titled "Defense and Reaching Second Level" is the worst-rated outing for "Bofuri" among fans. While that distinction may seem harsh, it's not necessarily because viewers thought the episode was terrible. In reality, the episode has a modest 7 out of 10 stars, not too far off from other episodes.

Indeed, "Defense and Reaching Second Level" plays out like an average "Bofuri" outing. The episode focuses on a major turn of events when the admins of NewWorld Online literally nerf Maple to keep her from getting too powerful. It's a humorous lampshading of the common discourse of characters getting their power levels nerfed by the creators and exactly the sort of thing fans of "Bofuri" have come to expect. So, what's the issue with the episode?

Well, Episode 3 is rather poorly paced. A decent amount of time passes between different scenes in the episode, but these time leaps and what happened during them aren't made clear. It gives the episode too much momentum, speeding through assorted scenes to reach the next big narrative moment. The episode isn't outright bad, it's just rushed.

It's a compliment to "Bofuri" that its worst-rated episode is still chock-full of redeeming qualities. With Season 2 on the horizon, only time will tell whether this particular episode will remain the weakest outing of the show or if that dubious honor will be taken by another.