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The AHS Villains That Fans Think Will Make A Return To The Series

The "American Horror Story" franchise has brought many fearsome, memorable, and horrifying villains to life since it first aired on FX in 2011. Ten seasons deep into its legacy, the show has introduced sympathetic monsters and vessels for pure evil, unfathomably awful characters and ones who are good at heart but who have been twisted by unfortunate circumstances. It's a world that contains characters like James March (Evan Peters), the sociopathic serial killer from "American Horror Story: Hotel," and Twisty the Clown (John Carroll Lynch), whose innocent, trusting heart was warped by outside forces.

Of the many villains that "American Horror Story" has brought to life, there are a bunch that fans would love to see one more time. Which villains do fans think may make a return to the show at some point in the future?

Fans expect Twisty and Bloody Face to come back

While talking about casting speculation for the spin-off "American Horror Stories," which was renewed for its second season in 2021 (via Variety), u/AHSismypassion mentioned on the"American Horror Story" subreddit that individuals sporting costumes reminiscent of Bloody Face (a main antagonist from the "Asylum" season), Piggy Man (from the "Roanoke" season) and Twisty the Clown (from the "Freak Show" season) had all been spotted on the set. 

Fans now know that the characters were part of a scenario included in the Season 1 finale, "Game Over." All three appear in scenes created by Michelle (Mercedes Mason) who was in the process of designing an "American Horror Story" themed video game. But this made fans express their hope that these iconic villains would make their return to the program. "I hope that [John Carroll Lynch] is reprising Twisty," said u/SimonSaysx. Multiple fans also stated their hope that Dylan McDermott would return to play the modern version of Bloody Face.

While viewers were treated to a return appearance for all three villains in the spin-off — though it was a brief one — here's hoping they'll return to the main "American Horror Story" universe sometime soon.