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20 Most Popular Looney Tunes Characters Ranked Worst To Best

For over 90 years, "Looney Tunes" has been delighting audiences of all ages. Starting as a response to Disney's "Silly Symphonies" cartoons in the 1930s, "Looney Tunes" has a legacy that's arguably outlasted and outshined the Mouse House. It's easy to take the creative texture of "Looney Tunes" for granted because it's so ingrained in our collective consciousness. Mel Blanc's limitless voice talent, the soundscapes of Treg Brown, and visual characterizations drawn by animators Chuck Jones, Bob Clampett, and others are all a part of the modern language of comedy. Characters like Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, and Tweety Bird have become pop culture icons, existing outside of the context of their cartoons.

As beloved as the Looney Tunes are, some remain superior to others. Some of the characters haven't withstood the test of time, while others have endured, and their cartoons still hold up today. It takes a lot of different personalities to fill the "Looney Tunes" universe. Villains, foils, sidekicks, and heroes — there's one for every archetype. So, let's sort through 20 of the most popular "Looney Tunes" characters and rank them from worst to best.

20. Pepe Le Pew

Pepe Le Pew has aged like a stinky French cheese. The character is a lecherous skunk whose sole motivation in life is his pursuit of love. Rooted in "French lover" stereotypes, Pepe loves the smell of his own brand and is under the belief that everyone else is just as enchanted with his stench. Armed with bedroom eyes and slinky body language, Pepe constantly prowls for new objects of his affection. However, Pepe's quest for l'amour is fraught with stalker-like behavior. Poor Penelope Pussycat spends more of her time escaping from Pepe's clutches rather than pursuing her own pleasures. And it's not only Penelope who takes issue with Pepe's creep factor — Pepe's essentially been banished from the modern "Looney Tune" canon. Le P-U, indeed.

19. Michigan J. Frog

Hello, my baby, hello, my honey, won't you please be quiet, Michigan J. Frog? An amphibian who never pipes up at the right time, Michigan J. Frog's talents are only known by the few. Those who attempt to monetize his musical abilities are always left empty-handed, as Michigan J. will only turn on vaudeville-inspired high kicks when no one is watching. While his behavior can be interpreted as maintaining artistic integrity in the face of selling out, it can also be seen as willful stubbornness and even the source of disruptive psychological strife for those who witness his song and dance. With seeming immortality, one is left to assume that Michigan J. will continue to cause anguish well into the future.

18. Road Runner

Perhaps one of the more smug "Looney Tunes" characters, Road Runner delights in the continuous suffering of Wile E. Coyote. Unbothered by the world, Road Runner races through the desert with no particular destination in mind. Zooming through canyons, mountains, and dry plains, Road Runner has no qualms about being fast. With a boastful "meep, meep" and a dart of his tongue, he never misses an opportunity to rub Wile E. Coyote's blunders in his face. Now, his braggadociousness might be valid — Wile E. Coyote is trying to kill him for his dinner after all — but Road Runner's smugness does not endear him to anyone.

17. Yosemite Sam

Blasting through the swinging saloon doors with guns a-blazin' is Yosemite Sam. Self-described as "the roughest, toughest, he-man stuffest hombre that's ever crossed the Rio Grande," Sam is looking for trouble in all the wrong places, mainly locations where Bugs Bunny just happens to be hanging out. Sporting a giant cowboy hat and blazing orange mustache that hangs to his knees, Sam cuts a menacing figure, but he's just not all that bright. Even with his liberal use of weaponry, Sam is no match for the wits of Bugs Bunny. He never gains the upper hand and usually fails in his criminal pursuits. Perhaps it's his unwavering belligerence in the face of defeat that has inspired Yosemite Sam mud flap iconography?

16. Tweety Bird

Another self-satisfied bird, Tweety Bird feigns innocence, but his long eyelashes and big blue eyes belie a sadistic streak aimed most often at his feline adversaries. Like many "Looney Tunes" characters, Tweety's look and behavior evolved over time. Starting as a naked baby bird in 1942's "A Tale of Two Kitties" and evolving into his more signature look in "Birdy & the Beast," Tweety coyly enjoys the demise of pursuers. With time, Tweety turned yellow, moved into Granny's house, and became the obsession of Sylvester the Cat. Sylvester's ever-escalating methods to capture Tweety never seem to work. Tweety's protectors — often Hector the Bulldog or Granny — ensure his safety. He knows he can outsource his safety, which makes it all the more easier for Tweety to smugly maintain his cute appearance.

15. Marvin the Martian

Marvin the Martian is literally out of this world and is on a mission to destroy ours. Often found on Mars and other parts of the universe, Marvin uses his superior intellect to devise a way to blow up Earth. Luckily for us, Marvin is never successful at getting his view of Venus. He speaks in a nasal tone and glides like he has no time for earthling nonsense, especially when it's in the form of Bugs Bunny or Daffy Duck. Marvin sports a fashion-forward look, pioneering a high/low sartorial vibe of Roman soldier uniform and sneakers. He might have style, but he selfishly wants to obliterate our world, which is definitely not a good look.

14. Goofy Gophers

Goofy Gophers, Mac and Tosh, are the consummate sophisticates of the garden patch. Speaking with haughty British accents and always behaving with the utmost decorum, these rodents disarm with their charm. You would never know they're causing mayhem because their witty banter disguises their penchant for naughtiness. The name Goofy Gophers, however, implies a degree of wackiness these well-mannered fellows just don't have. Their bad behavior is even high-brow and cultured, as they have a penchant for torturing others with the works of Shakespeare. Mac and Tosh are the most polite and agreeable of "Looney Tunes" characters. Never ones to lose their cool, any disagreements are always worked out with repartee.

13. Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel is ugly, and she knows it. In fact, she fears nothing more than getting prettier as she gets older. Witch Hazel's wiry hair, spindly legs, and frumpy blue house dress are the antithesis of mid-century female beauty. But nothing is worse for Witch Hazel than being tricked into constructs of attractiveness that don't suit her brand. A fan of homemade magical brews, Witch Hazel has a penchant for including rabbit in her potions, which often puts Bugs Bunny in an awkward position. However, she never gets to check rabbit's clavicle off her ingredient list because of her soft heart. She might be a witch, but Witch Hazel is not a monster. Sure, she might also enjoy snacking on young children, but what's a witch to do?

12. Tasmanian Devil

Blustering through the world in a tornado of dust and grunts, Tasmanian Devil (or Taz) is a rude dude with an attitude. Talking with grunts, spits, and other unintelligible noises, Taz isn't much in the way of smarts, but his ferocious appearance speaks for him in ways his words cannot. Taz, like many "Looney Tunes" antagonists, is just looking for a snack. He'd like to eat Bugs Bunny, but Bugs is not going to be an ingredient in Taz's lunch. When Taz is not hangry, he's often done in by his inability to control his other appetite — attractive Tasmanian Devil ladies. It's not that Taz is entirely bad, he just has an impulse control issue.

11. Granny

Granny, with a look straight out of the '90s (1890s that is), is the lovely owner of Tweety Bird. Granny is not afraid to lay it on Sylvester the Cat for his attempts to snack on Tweety while she's out, even threatening to turn him into violin strings. Granny regularly thwarts Sylvester's attacks on Tweety, often arriving in the nick of time to save the bird from the clutches of the famished feline. While old-fashioned in her looks, favoring schoolmarm style while driving a Ford Model T, Granny is an independent lady. She captains a tugboat, works as a nurse, and takes solo international trips. Granny just wants what's best for Tweety, even if that means smacking around Sylvester.

10. Speedy Gonzales

Speedy Gonzales is "the fastest mouse in all Mexico" and zooms across the desert in his giant sombrero and red kerchief, saving the day from an assortment of baddies, namely Sylvester the Cat and Daffy Duck. Championed by his peers, he's looked upon to solve the woes of his fellow mice. Speedy also has the reputation of being a player, and he's noted for being a "friend of everybody's sister." As beloved as Speedy is, he hasn't always been celebrated. Noted by some for perpetuating negative Mexican stereotypes, Speedy cartoons were taken off of the Cartoon Network lineup in the early '00s (via The New York Times). However, Speedy has become a beloved character with Latino audiences and remains an important member of the Looney Tunes crew.

9. Marc Antony and Pussyfoot

In the "Looney Tunes" universe, cats and dogs are natural adversaries. Rarely do they get along, let alone show affection for each other. Marc Antony and Pussyfoot are an exception. Marc Antony the bulldog is utterly devoted to Pussyfoot, an achingly adorable cat often in need of protection. If someone is trying to take Pussyfoot's bed, Marc Antony is there to kick them out. If Pussyfoot's sausage snack is eyed by a hungry alley cat, Marc Antony makes sure her treat is not compromised. The genuine affection between the pair is sweet. How can your heart not melt when little Pussyfoot nestles herself onto Marc Antony's back?

8. Foghorn Leghorn

Foghorn Leghorn's bluster towers above the rest of the Looney Tunes. He's a giant rooster who speaks with a Southern drawl, never missing an opportunity to dispense his "wisdom" to others, frequently Henery Hawk and Egghead Jr. In what seems to be a never-ending prank feud with Barnyard Dawg, Foghorn doesn't have a motivation for his behavior but delights in being a menace. Foghorn starts trouble because he can. Has no particular beef against Barnyard Dawg other than that he exists, but Foghorn's arrogance often leads to his pranks backfiring. Just because he's a "good ol' boy” doesn't mean Foghorn's behavior is without consequence. Still, we can't help but chuckle at his particular brand of down-home humor.

7. Gossamer

Yes, the giant, reddish, hairy "Looney Tunes" monster has a name, and he goes by Gossamer. Created by a mad scientist, Gossamer creeps around his master's castle doing his bidding. On first glance, Gossamer is terrifying. His large eyes and clawed fingers are designed to scare, but underneath his menacing exterior is a creature who isn't quite as frightening as his creator would like him to be. Behind the monster posturing, he's actually terrified of people, the thought of which leaves him screaming. Even though his ugly look frightens his own reflection, Gossamer knows how to indulge in a good pampering session. Sometimes it takes a lot of work to look this bad.

6. Sylvester the Cat

Sylvester antagonizes any character who could possibly serve as his mid-afternoon snack. A tuxedo cat with a speech impediment, Sylvester's main preoccupation is catching Tweety Bird, Speedy Gonzales, or any other creature that might potentially become a juicy morsel. Easily frustrated and quick to get annoyed, Sylvester's not afraid to express his feelings with his signature line — "sufferin' succotash." It's easy to see why Sylvester rants up a storm, as his attempts to snatch Tweety Bird always fail. No matter how clever Sylvester thinks he is, his schemes are met with a slap, punch, explosion, or other form of violence, which always leave us laughing.

5. Porky Pig

Porky Pig was the first cartoon star from Warner Bros. and eventually evolved into the reliable straight man of the "Looney Tunes" universe. Often paired with the chaotic Daffy Duck, Porky's rationality attempts to ground Daffy's penchant for screwball behavior. Moving through the world with a blazer, bowtie, and no pants, Porky's everyman versatility has seen him through many predicaments. He's perhaps most well-known for his severe stutter. It might take him a moment to express his feelings, but Porky's always able to get to his point. Ever the icon, Porky closes out many Looney Tunes cartoons by bursting through a bass drum, saying, "Th-th-th-that's all, folks!" Arguably, Porky Pig walked without pants so other Looney Tunes could run.

4. Elmer Fudd

Elmer Fudd, the archenemy of Bugs Bunny, spends most of his time hunting for that "wascawwy wabbit." Kitted out in hunting gear and armed with a rifle, Elmer would love nothing more than to bag Bugs for his trophy case. Always thinking he has the sneaky upper hand, Elmer stalks his prey quietly, demanding that the audience be "vewy vewy quiet" as he's "hunting wabbits." Unfortunately for him, Elmer's self-amused hunting style is never successful. He's gullible and short-tempered, always leaving himself vulnerable to Bugs' wit. Of course, if Bugs didn't have Elmer in his life, how would he demonstrate his cleverness? Elmer's pathological drive to snag Bugs provides ceaseless opportunities for Bugs to shine.

3. Wile E. Coyote

A highly intelligent coyote with a penchant for mail-order weaponry, Wile E.'s sole pursuit is to capture the ever-elusive Road Runner — a pursuit that's reached legendary status. Armed with intricate blueprints and a plethora of ACME Corporation contraptions, Wile E. sets traps for Road Runner around every boulder. Unfortunately, he can never catch a break. Wile E.'s efforts to capture Road Runner always fail, often leading him off of cliffs, plunging to meet the desert floor with an audible smack. Wile E. is the villain to Road Runner's hero, but his dogged pursuit of Road Runner makes him the true champion.

2. Daffy Duck

Daffy Duck's unpredictable wackiness keeps the other Looney Tunes on their toes. Daffy can be zany, a curmudgeon, and a wiseguy. But whatever the moment calls for, Daffy can be counted on to serve up some serious snark. Daffy pairs well with all his fellow Looney Tunes as he's friend to Porky Pig, foe of Speedy Gonzales, and frenemy of Bugs Bunny. His inability to one-up Bugs is a source of constant consternation for Daffy. He hides his insecurity behind blustery rage but underneath, Daffy just wants to be loved and be acknowledged as the cleverest of the Looney Tunes. In his mind, Daffy is the star of the show.

1. Bugs Bunny

Of course, Bugs Bunny is number one on this list. Bugs is a true cultural icon, and his fame extends far beyond the Looney Tunes universe. Sardonically quipping "what's up, Doc?" in a Brooklyn accent with a mouthful of carrots, Bugs outsmarts and outwits every other character, often using his antagonist's weakness against them. A fan of elaborate gags and costumes, Bugs always has a way to extricate himself from snarly predicaments. It's not that Bugs goes looking for trouble, it's that trouble always seems to find him. He doesn't have time to suffer fools, so he makes the fools do the suffering.