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How Attack On Titan's Episode 79 Reveal Completely Changes The Series

The series "Attack on Titan," an adaptation of the manga series of the same name, has drawn in a lot of fans over the course of its run, may it be people being introduced to anime or veteran fans of the genre. The show revolves around a world where humans have found themselves at the mercy of predators called Titans, which are giant humanoids seemingly driven by their desire to consume humans and nothing else — an idea with an unexpected source of inspiration. Humanity fights for survival in cities behind three circular walls, before the sudden appearance of a Titan larger than they'd seen before led to the breaching of the outermost wall, throwing the species in peril once again.

Both the storylines and the characters have drawn viewers in over the years, with twists and turns taking the anime in unexpected directions and leaving viewers stunned. However, Episode 79 comes with a shocking reveal that re-contextualizes the entire show. 

The true villain of the series is revealed

Episode 79 of "Attack on Titan" focuses on Zeke and Eren going into the memories of their father, Grisha, in what is Zeke's attempt to show Eren how their father's indoctrination affected them. However, Zeke discovers that Eren, unlike his brother, grew up in a home where his work was kept under lock and key, and Grisha protected Eren from Eldian politics.

When they get to the Reiss Family chapel, Zeke is stunned again to see that Grisha, far from ruthlessly killing everyone, hesitates, until present-day Eren steps forward and orders his father to complete the attack. While he does so, the actions leave Grisha clearly traumatized, and when Eren reveals present-day Zeke, their father tells him to stop Eren.

This reveal changes the entire dynamic of the series, as it establishes that Eren was not dogmatically following what he'd been taught by his father, but in fact, has been the manipulative villain behind the scenes all along. Zeke was the only one who could visit the past, thanks to the Coordinate, and Eren tricked Zeke into traveling to the past together so Eren could give his father the final push needed, establishing that this wasn't a spur of the moment decision, but Eren's plan all along.

Eren's ultimate machinations have yet to be seen, but it's clear that he's been ahead of everyone else. No longer in the shadows, Eren and his villainy will likely shape the show's final episode, and that should make for an exciting watch.