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59% Of Curse Of Oak Island Fans Agree This Was The Best Addition To The Show

"The Curse of Oak Island" has certainly gone through a few cast changes in the last season or two. While the primary stars of the popular television series are still Rick and Marty Lagina, they have been joined by several different types of skilled experts in their pursuit of the fabled lost treasure of Oak Island, many of whom come and go. Some of this rotating crew has consisted of locals, engineers, heavy machinery operators, historians, and archaeologists.

Combing over a 140-acre island off of the coast of Canada, "The Curse of Oak Island" has found several time-lost artifacts, but has yet to uncover the supposedly massive hidden bounty that has attracted treasure hunters since the 1700s. Recently, the series has had a particularly notable shake-up of cast members, and several new faces have come to the aid of the Lagina Brothers. Introducing new faces into a long-running TV series is always a risky endeavor, but which of these new additions has proved to be the biggest hit with fans of the show? Thankfully, Reddit has the answer.

Oak Island Fans love Miriam Amirault

Creating an informal poll on the popular Reddit forum, user sneechesgetleeches asked forum members who was their favorite new addition to the show, and the options they provided were Michael John, Miriam, Archaeologist Liz, Dr. Aaron Taylor, David McGinnis, and Erin Helton. Over 258 votes were cast, and there is an overwhelming and very clear winner, having earned a staggering 59% of the vote — and that is Miriam. Miriam Amirault is a local archaeologist from Digby, Nova Scotia (via Distractify), and has degrees in classical studies and anthropology. Despite the fact that there was an overwhelming consensus for Miriam, not all comments were in support. Reddit user modsuperstar said, "I've laughed a few times with Miriam. She's in a scene, then the only thing she says is "yeah" in agreement with something Rick or Aaron have said. It's pretty bad." 

The runner up with 38 votes, Michael John, received some honorable mentions as well, with Reddit user smasha100 adding, "Michael been on the show in past seasons and has been working hard in the background. Kinda sad to see most votes going to Miriam because she a good looking girl." 

Either way, it seems that most fans of "The Curse of Oak Island" are in simpatico when it comes to Miriam, and hopefully her role on the show will only grow bigger from here.