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Here's What You Need To Know About Jackass Forever's Dave England

"Jackass" has been a hallmark of edgy humor since it made its big entrance in the early 2000s. Among its rambunctious ranks of nasty ne'er-do-wells are the worst of the worst when it comes to stunts gone wrong. With show creator Johnny Knoxville in the lead, the likes of Bam Margera, Steve-O, Ryan Dunn, and Dave England made millions of fans for their acts of limitless tomfoolery. The last of these brave warriors, England, may not be the most famous or as popular as his chaotic cohorts. However, he is one of the most unique members of the group.

On top of having the necessary rebellious attitude and lack of self-preservation needed to work on "Jackass," England also possesses a bathroom talent that made him stand out among the rest of the group. This talent made him infamous and remains a staple entry in his arsenal, and the franchise's as a whole, even as it ramps up to its most recent entry, "Jackass Forever." Yet, there is more to England than just silly stunts and on-screen defecation. With or without "Jackass," the truth is that England has led a pretty wild life.

Dave England discovered his trademark talent as a child

Dave England's early life might not entirely be what you'd expect. Before "Jackass," he made a living as a pro snowboarder and writer, the former of which hardly lines up with his life growing up and living in California, which fans can get a peek at through England's Twitter. While England might not have gotten his talent for extreme sports from his hometown (but who knows), he did acquire his more widely known ability during his time growing up there.

"When I was a kid everyone would pick on me," England said in a 2010 interview with VCReporter. "Then one day I took a s**t in a glass jar and threw it at a log. It exploded and the s**t stuck to the log. So after that I had a bunch of friends. I thought, 'I've got to keep doing this.' And that's what I've done ever since."

In a weird way, England's childhood experience laid the foundation for much of his success in life. "Jackass" skits like the "poocano" (as in a volcano of poo) and the hardware store sketch stand among the series' most iconic. England wears it as a badge of pride, bluntly keeping the phrase "I'm the guy from 'Jackass' who sh*ts" as his bio on Twitter.

England isn't just a Jackass cast member

As previously mentioned, Dave England worked as both a writer and a pro snowboarder before "Jackass" took the world by storm. Despite infamously losing a testicle to snowboarding, which England spoke about on Steve-O's podcast, "Steve-O's Wild Ride!", he found notable success in both of these career fields, as well as some opportunities for the future. You can still find old clips from outdated VHS tapes of England's snowboarding on YouTube, though not very much of it has survived.

At the same time, England also earned his name as a writer and editor for several snowboarding magazines. The most notable of these, which England mentions in his interview with VCReporter, is his time spent as an editor at Blunt magazine. As a sister mag to skateboarding's Big Brother magazine, England established his connections with "Jackass" co-creator Jeff Tremaine, who was the art director for Big Brother magazine at the time, through this job.

Allegedly, England was also involved with two other snowboarding publications. According to the "Jackass" wiki, England was the founder of his own snowboarding magazine, Skintight, and worked as an editor for Snowboarding Magazine. Although widely reported, neither of these claims have sources, and there are no issues of either of these magazines available online.

England has had conflicts with his Jackass teammates

Fans of "Jackass" are likely already aware of Dave England's evil alter ego, Darf, the chaotic personality that England exhibits when blackout drunk. Darf is a whirlwind of chaos who often draws the anger of the other core members of "Jackass." In "Jackass 3.5," many of the team members express some pretty big grievances with Darf, and England is sentenced to do some heavy and painful stunt work for the next segment.

However, it doesn't take copious amounts of alcohol for England to cause conflict with his coworkers. In Episode #47 of "Steve-O's Wild Ride!" Podcast, Steve-O and England take turns retelling his fight with Jeff Tremaine on the set of "Jackass." The conflict started when England, upset with Tremaine for taking his fiancée to dinner on a work trip, smeared his own excrement on the doorknob to Tremaine's hotel room. In retaliation for the prank, Tremaine snuck into England's room and urinated in his suitcase. As a final blow in this prank war before the crew headed to their next location in Amsterdam, England did something insane.

"I canceled their flights. I canceled their hotel reservations. I flew back home in the middle of the night, and canceled everybody's sh*t." With no flights and no hotel reservations, the "Jackass" crew had to improvise to meet their schedule in Amsterdam. Of course, England landed in some pretty hot water for the act, even coming close to losing his "Jackass" position.