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Why The Fights In God Of High School Have Fans Scratching Their Heads

Of all the things in "The God of High School," the fights should be pretty self-evident. Violence in any anime, whether it is "Dragon Ball" or "Jojo's Bizarre Adventure," typically abides by certain rules and fits into its world in a logical way. The strange powers wielded by the Stand users in "Jojo's Bizarre Adventure," for instance, can exist undetected in an otherwise normal universe because they can only be observed by other Stand users. The fact that characters cause city-wide destruction with their powers and always get away with it never breaks the viewer's suspension of disbelief because there is a reason the wider world overlooks them.

While "The God of High School" usually does a great job at justifying how its system of Stand-like powers, called "Charyeok," fits into the wider world, it isn't always perfect. At least, that's what fans were saying even into the final episodes of the show's first season. According to a popular thread on Reddit's r/anime, fans were scratching their heads over how the amazing feats in the series were supposed to sneak by without being noticed.

It's confusing that Charyeok powers aren't common knowledge

Charyeok in and of itself isn't a flawed power system. With a robust backstory involving gods lending their divine abilities to humans in a war against the demons, it serves as an interesting core concept. However, the fights stop making sense when the characters' Charyeok, the existence of which is presumably not common knowledge, are broadcasted live across the entire world in the titular God of High School tournament.

"I am seriously confused if the background of each Charyeok is basic common knowledge or will they be explained," wrote one Reddit user, u/AnubhavJr10. "This is one of the biggest things that absolutely breaks this as a believable world to me," wrote a now-deleted user account. "None of it makes any g'd***ned sense and there has to be some major things dropped for that source material to somehow make any more sense."

If, like in "Jojo's Bizarre Adventure," normal people were unable to see Charyeok, then "The God of High School" may have some justification for its outlandish powers. Unfortunately, the series doesn't establish this as a fact, and simply has the viewer assume that everyone either accepts or doesn't notice the existence of these abilities. To some fans, this isn't an issue and the anime can be accepted as it is. Many, however, have found this fact too immersion-breaking to enjoy.