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The Silent Sea Detail That Has Fans Scratching Their Heads

"The Silent Sea" is the latest South Korean genre show to make an impact on Netflix subscribers all around the world. As Yahoo pointed out, the sci-fi thriller became one of the streamer's most-watched series upon release, finishing just behind "The Witcher" and "Emily In Paris," respectively. In addition to its overnight popularity, "The Silent Sea" has been a critical success, as evidenced by its high score on Rotten Tomatoes

Debuting on the streaming platform back in December, the story is set in a dystopian future and follows a group of space explorers who must travel beyond the stars in search of water in order to save the Earth. Their mission is to retrieve a mysterious sample from the Balhae Lunar Research Station, a deserted outpost on the moon, and the very same base whose previous denizens supposedly died of radiation a few years prior. Naturally, things don't go according to plan. 

"The Silent Sea" is full of compelling performances, engaging drama, and stunning visuals. However, some eagle-eyed fans couldn't look past one minor detail that's left them feeling confused, and it has nothing to do with science or space travel. 

What's the deal with the keyboards in The Silent Sea?

Forget about perilous space missions, space shuttle issues, hidden agendas, and characters dying. One of the biggest mysteries of "The Silent Sea" pertains to the ability to access certain technology inside the Balhae station. As Reddit user u/RarestSolanum highlighted, the keyboards on the station doors are far too small for human fingers: "how is anyone supposed to type a password when their glove fingers are large enough to press 5 of those tiny keys at once?" 

Fellow Redditor u/frozenw0rld agreed with this observation, stating that the keyboard was "impractical" at best. "A different lock like a card pass or something would have worked better," they added. 

Some fans questioned why an isolated moon base needs password protection in the first place. It's not like such places are popular tourist attractions, after all. However, as u/Ok_Bite8099 discussed, the station does need to be kept "under lock" due to all of the visitors from other countries who have stopped by in the past. Protecting certain corners of the station is imperative, as the previous visitors could have had hidden and nefarious agendas.