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This Is How Much Sandra Bullock Actually Made For The Blind Side

There's no question that Oscar winner Sandra Bullock has become one of the most bankable actors in Hollywood, as the films that showcased her in a lead role have earned an astounding $4.8 billion at the global box office (via The Numbers) since her first screen appearance in 1987. Building her resume with film and TV roles for six years after she got her start, Bullock finally found herself on the cusp of greatness with roles in 1993 films "The Vanishing" opposite Kiefer Sutherland and Jeff Bridges, and "Demolition Man" opposite Sylvester Stallone, until her career shifted into high gear with Keanu Reeves in the highway thriller "Speed." 

From there, Bullock found herself on Hollywood's A-list, and as such, she became a highly-paid, in-demand actress. But as it turns out, the salary Bullock was commanding was nothing compared to what the actor took home for the space thriller "Gravity" in 2013. According to Parade, the actress scored $20 million upfront for the sci-fi thriller opposite George Clooney, plus took in a percentage of the film's overall worldwide gross, which was $723.1 million (via Box Office Mojo). When all was said and done, Bullock earned almost $75 million for the film.

In addition to her out-of-this-world payday, "Gravity" earned Bullock her second Best Actress Oscar nomination. Oddly enough, Bullock earned far less for the first film that earned her a Best Actress Oscar nomination (and win) — the fact-based football drama "The Blind Side."

Bullock's pay for The Blind Side was significantly less than Gravity

Released in 2009, "The Blind Side" chronicles how a Tennessee couple, Leigh Anne (Bullock) and Sean Tuohy (Tim McGraw), adopt Michael Oher (Quinton Aaron), a homeless teen from a broken home. Bolstered by Leigh Anne's undying determination to give Michael a better life, Michael is encouraged to join the high school football team, where his play catches the eye of several major colleges. In the end, Michael attended the University of Mississippi and was selected in the first round in the NFL draft by the Baltimore Ravens in 2009 — and won a Super Bowl ring with the team in 2013.

Although Bullock commanded a much higher salary for her previous projects, The New York Times reported that she only earned $5 million for her role in "The Blind Side." Of course, that is still a lot of money for any working actor, and on top of that, "The Blind Side" earned Bullock her Best Actress Oscar. Better yet, having the most prestigious award anyone could ask for in Hollywood no doubt earned Bullock more bargaining clout for future roles; a factor that likely came into play when negotiating her lucrative contract for "Gravity" a few years later.