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The Peacemaker Episode 5 Moment That DC's Harley Quinn Fans Are Loving

The following article contains minor spoilers for "Peacemaker" Episode 5.

Peacemaker (John Cena) isn't like most heroes (or villains, depending on your point of view). He has no problem wasting bad guys to make sure they can't just break out of an asylum to wreak more havoc later. It's a point that was made readily apparent in "Peacemaker" Episode 4 when he gets into an argument with his father's neighbor, who insists that any superhero worth their salt should have a coterie of supervillains. It's at this point Peacemaker makes it abundantly clear he doesn't have a coterie because he's good at his job. As he puts it, "My coterie of supervillains is six feet f***ing under." 

He's clearly not a guy who likes to make the same mistake twice, so he never gives his opponents a chance to fall back and regroup. Still, it's intriguing to think about what kind of bad guys Peacemaker has gone toe-to-toe within the DC Extended Universe. How many D-list supervillains has Peacemaker cleared away so that the likes of Superman and Wonder Woman can focus on bigger fish to fry? We may never get the answer to that question, but as seen in Episode 5, we've seen one villain Peacemaker fought, although it's unclear if he, too, wound up six feet under.

Peacemaker ended Kite-Man's reign of terror

Kite-Man has always been a forgotten player in Batman's rogue's gallery, but that all changed when the character finally got his time to shine in the DC animated series "Harley Quinn." He's a joke in that show, too, but he has a good heart despite wanting to spread evil. Plus, fans love the dynamic he shared with Poison Ivy. Luckily for "Harley Quinn" fans, Kite-Man has officially made the leap into live-action ... kind of.

When Peacemaker invites Leota Adebayo (Danielle Brooks) over to his place for a drink, she notices a newspaper clipping of Peacemaker apprehending Kite-Man. It's noteworthy that the paper says Peacemaker "apprehends" Kite-Man instead of straight-up killing him, but this was clearly when Peacemaker was early in his career. Maybe he hadn't quite gotten his bloodlust at that point. Regardless, fans were delighted to see the confirmation that Kite-Man exists in this universe.

On Reddit, people couldn't help but voice their pleasure at seeing Kite-Man receive some long-overdue recognition. Redditor u/Able_Administration1 responded, "I saw that as well and immediately was like, Hell Yeah," while u/KingofMadCows stated, "Kite-Man is canon in this universe. Hell Yeah!" The real question at this point is whether we'll see Kite-Man in the flesh. He'd be a welcome addition to either the "Peacemaker" ensemble or a future installment of "The Suicide Squad" franchise, but it's clear audiences want more kites in their life.