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The Criminal Minds Relationship Fans Wish Got More Screentime

"Criminal Minds," starring talents such as Thomas Gibson, Matthew Gray Gubler, Shemar Moore, A.J. Cook, and Kirsten Vangsness, has depicted some of the more interesting relationship dynamics on television. Some are romantic, such as the one between JJ Jareau (Cook) and William LaMontagne (Josh Stewart), while some are platonic and more akin to that of a brother and sister, like Spencer Reid (Gubler) and JJ. Some relationships are even flirty or fun, like the one between Penelope Garcia (Vangness) and Derek Morgan (Moore). The members of the elite Behavior Analysis Unit run the gamut of no-nonsense, by-the book characters to those that were more willing to bend the rules. Some have somewhat standard personalities, while others are eccentric and quirky. Regardless of their inner drive or up bringing, the team always comes together, and with their collective skills, apprehend dangerous and violent criminals while becoming closer as friends, family, or lovers. 

The interactions on the show have always been one of the major fulcrums upon which the story spins, and each character grows through their experiences with one another. There have been exceptionally touching moments, like when JJ gave birth to her son in Season 4, but also incredibly heart-breaking ones, like when Reid lost a love interest to a violent stalker in Season 8. It is moments like these that made people fall in love with the show, and recently, fans came together to discuss the relationship they wanted to see more of. Believe it or not, it seems like there is a general consensus.

Fans wanted to see more of Luke Alvez and Penelope Garcia

The conversation was kicked off by Reddit user Monkepopo, who wanted to see much more of Penelope Garcia and Luke Alvez (Adam Rodriguez), and said, "He wants to take her on a date in the last episode? No, what do you mean you wanna fall in love when I'm not looking pls I love them together I wanted to see them before the finale." 

Garcia acts as part of the team's technological support, and she was part of the series since its inception. Alvez, meanwhile, was a more recent addition, and originally got his start with the BAU while aiding them in capturing the villain known as Crimson King.

Others agreed with wanting to see more of Alvez and Garcia, with Reddit user Roxo42 replying, "I didn't like her when Alvez first showed up, thought her antagonism was a bit over the top, but I liked their dynamic once she chilled out a bit, and I LOVE that he asked her out in the end! So unfair we don't get to see it." Fellow Reddit user melraespinn also wanted to see more of the two, and they enjoyed that the show decided to put two people together that don't fit into the same stereotype, shattering the mold of past "Criminal Minds" relationships.

However, despite that overwhelming response, not all "Criminal Minds" fans were of one mind. On the other side of this ship was Reddit user queenb1996, who stated they didn't buy into their chemistry — to which user Fairymask replied, "So interesting how people can see things so differently. I thought they had a ton of chemistry." Either way, it seems that most fans truly wanted to see where Alvez and Garcia's relationship would have gone.