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Ron Perlman Hasn't Given Up On The Possibility Of Hellboy 3

Ron Perlman has portrayed many iconic characters, but if you had to name the one that stands — both literally and metaphorically — head and shoulders above the rest, a certain demonic, red-skinned, cigar-chomping figure immediately comes to mind. Donning heavy makeup and prosthetics, Perlman gave an iconic performance in Guillermo Del Toro's fantastic 2004 superhero movie "Hellboy," and reprised the role in 2008's "Hellboy II: The Golden Army." 

Unfortunately, that's where the fun ended. While both Perlman and Del Toro have had illustrious careers and even worked together on occasion, for various reasons, "Hellboy 3" never materialized. As years have crept past, the possibility of a third Del Toro-Perlman "Hellboy" movie has started to seem more and more distant, and the abject critical and box office failure of 2019's "Hellboy" reboot likely hasn't done any favors for the franchise's prospects. 

Still, some people hope that Perlman and Del Toro one day team up for one last "Hellboy" movie ... and one of these people is none other than Perlman himself, who just revealed that he hasn't given up on the possibility of "Hellboy 3."

Ron Perlman wants to make another Hellboy for the fans

As welcome as the idea of Ron Perlman donning the Hellboy costume and prosthetics for one more rodeo would be, the actor is not as young as he used to be, and it'd no doubt be more difficult for him to portray the character today than it was back in 2008. 

In an interview with the Independent, Perlman acknowledged the realities of time, but also revealed that he very much wants to revisit the role — out of respect for the fans. "Am I eager to do 'Hellboy 3'? No, I'm 71 f*****g years old," the actor said, before stating that he nevertheless has every intention to make the film, should the opportunity present itself. "We owe this to the fans, and we should give it to them because it would be an epic conclusion. So Guillermo, if you're reading, I'm not done pounding you to get this f*****g thing done."

Here's hoping that Perlman's enthusiasm fans the dormant flames of the project, and that the world will one day get to see the new adventures of his Hellboy.