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1883's Isabel May Teases Major Hints About Elsa's Pregnancy Status

Elsa Dutton (Isabel May) has been the center of a lot of speculation for fans of "1883." The tough, active, but still naïve young lady has become one tough cookie in the wake of the death of her love interest, Ennis (Eric Nelsen). Elsa and the cowboy had begun to court and were ready to marry after a passionate courtship which culminated in an assignation. But all of that was dashed in the wake of Ennis' death at the hands of a group of bandits during Episode 5 of Season 1, "The Fangs of Freedom."

The young miss shot down the man who killed her love, and that seems to hint that she's going to turn into a gutsy, tough, hard-fighting young lady in the mold of her mother Margaret (Faith Hill). But for fans who adored Elsa's courtship with Ennis, there's an even more pressing question about the future — did the young couple's sole night together result in a baby? A brand-new interview with Isabel May reveals when fans will find out if Elsa is expecting.

Fans will find out in the next episode if Elsa is pregnant

"Can't tell you much," admitted May to Cheslie Kryst, who interviewed the actress for the nationally-syndicated entertainment program Extra. "That's a potential possibility. Y'know, we'll see. But I will say we'll find out pretty soon whether or not that's the case. That's definitely one thing that could happen. You really will find out right away, next episode, so, there you go," the actress concluded. 

If this is true, that means that the series will likely take a quick jump ahead in time — or perhaps "1883" will flash forward and give us an older Elsa after the Duttons have settled on their land. Maybe there will be heartbreaking news, and Elsa will begin her menstrual cycle, thus dashing any hopes that Ennis will leave behind a biological legacy. Since the first five episodes of "1883" have been unsparingly filled with dark and tragic events, the show could definitely use a bit of light news. In any event, fans will have to keep watching "1883" to find out if she has a baby.