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Did 1883's Eric Nelsen Just Tease Major Spoilers For Elsa?

The following article contains spoilers for "1883" Episode 5, "The Fangs of Freedom."

If you thought "Yellowstone" was dark and violent, you hadn't seen anything until "1883" dropped. The prequel series follows the ancestors of the Dutton family who got their start in Texas before migrating through the barren terrain of the American landscape to settle in Montana eventually. However, they'll have to get through all kinds of dangers and bad omens waiting for them, from bandits to rattlesnakes and everything in between. 

Viewers learned that all too well in the latest episode, "The Fangs of Freedom," when Ennis (Eric Nelsen) bit the dust. He had agreed to lead the Duttons to their new homestead, taking a further liking to them in the process, mainly when it came to the eldest daughter, Elsa (Isabel May). The two actually formed a romance of sorts, but this love ballad ended in tragedy when he was shot dead by a group of bandits. Elsa didn't waste any time enacting vengeance as she shot the bandit at point-blank range, and it's clear his death is going to serve as a major catalyst for her moving forward. But while we don't know any exact details about how she'll recover over this traumatic event, actor Eric Nelsen may have hinted at a potential arc we'll see out of Elsa moving forward. 

Could Elsa be pregnant?

Eric Nelsen's time on "1883" has seemingly come to an end, and he offered an interview to Entertainment Tonight to talk about how his character's death will continue to have ramifications moving forward on the drama series. As he put it, "She is completely stripped of innocence from that moment, and she goes from a girl to a woman right then and there, and that's evident. You're not going to see Elsa like you saw her before going forward." However, a battle-worn Elsa may not be the only change coming to the character in the episodes to come. 

Prior to Ennis' demise, he and Elsa consummated their love for each other. It makes his death all the sadder, but it's possible he may have left a little something behind. ET brings up the fact Ennis could have impregnated Elsa before he died, and Nelsen doesn't necessarily shoot down the idea. He goes on to say, "I can't divulge that information because those are big questions in the storyline, but I will say, regardless of what happens, it's obviously a tragic event in her life, and she's going to be approaching anything that happens to her from here with that weight on her shoulders. We're going to see her walk through the rest of this journey with a much heavier foot than she did before."

Naturally, Elsa being pregnant would be a massive story development and one that wouldn't be out of the question. After all, the Dutton lineage has to continue somehow to get to the present day we see on "Yellowstone." And traveling across the vast American West with a baby in tow would certainly up the ante.