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The Worst Family Dinner Scene In Blue Bloods Season 7

The Reagan family dinner is a staple in every episode of "Blue Bloods." This scene often serves as a way for the characters to discuss how the cases ended, make amends when they are at each other's throats, or congratulate one another for a job well done. Sometimes, the dinner scene is used to deliver social commentary, whether from the wise New York City Police Commissioner Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) speaking to his grandchildren, or the ideological Jamie (Will Estes, above) or Nicky (Sami Gayle) adding in a much-needed commentary opposing the thin blue line perspective.

The scenes that become the most memorable are when the characters find themselves on opposite sides of an issue. Many episodes see them talk out relatively calmly (as calmly as a Reagan can), while others see the group succumbing to emotional shouting matches. On occasion, these scenes can miss the mark by using an argument about a social issue that feels tone-deaf, or a viewpoint by a character feeling opposite to or inconsistent with what viewers have become accustomed to. Season 7 of "Blue Bloods" had its fair share of tense and poignant moments at the dinner table, but one stands out as the worst among the rest.

Reagans defend a criminal because of money

In Season 7, Episode 3, "The Price of Justice," Danny and Erin are at odds on approaching a case involving a rape victim. Danny (Donnie Wahlberg), a detective, is known for taking flimsy evidence to his sister, Erin (Bridget Moynahan), in the District Attorney's office, only to tumble into a close-minded frustration when there is nothing she can do but release the suspect. In this instance, Danny refuses to pursue the case while Erin pushes for him to find any reason to bring the flimsiest evidence to her for prosecution. In the preparation stage of dinner, the two argue points entirely out of character for both of them.

After a man is cited for reckless driving, Erin points out he should have gotten a lot more, given the situation. The Reagans defend him because he gives money to the department. Given the focus on how much honor the Reagans have and always going above and beyond to do the right thing, it is a disappointing moment when you find out their honor is for sale.

After watching Season 7, Redditor u/TheRadSpaceman ironed out the positives and negatives of the show, with one negative hitting perfectly for this dinner scene. "Self-righteousness: The show tends to go out of its way to make the main characters morally superior to the detriment of everyone else. Got a different idea on what's right and wrong? Too bad, Donnie Wahlberg's right! Caught in a situation that isn't black and white? Shut up, Magnum P.I. knows what to do!"