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Glory's Powers In Motherland Fort Salem Explained

The world of "Motherland: Fort Salem" is one rich with mythology. In a universe where instead of burning witches, they were conscripted into the U.S. military, women are held in high regard. There can be male witches, but it is the female witches that hold military ranks and are the most respected (via Distractify). Raelle (Taylor Hickson), Abigail (Ashley Nicole Williams), and Tally (Jessica Sutton) make up one such unit. Though they differ in terms of their personality, they learn to work together.

Each has their own specific set of gifts and each manifests in different ways. Raelle Collar in particular is what is known as a "fixer." She has an innate healing ability and a drive to help people. While Raelle is more of an introvert, Abigail Bellweather comes from a prestigious family with aggressive tendencies. However, not every witch makes an immediate impression. A tertiary character who grew up in Tally's matriarchal community, Glory (Annie Jacob), finds that her gifts are more subtle than others.

Glory joins her sisters in using work

Witches' powers in "Motherland: Fort Salem" are used in a unique way. While they can cast spells, they have one difference from how witches are normally portrayed (via Comicbook.com). In the Freeform series, witches have an extra set of vocal cords. This allows them to cast spells through singing, also known as work. As one of the cadets at Fort Salem, Glory uses this ability with the rest of her sisters. Work is used for offensive spells such as wind manipulation, known as windstrike. When the cadets go into battle, work is necessary for staying alive and Glory makes use of this tactic. 

Like the rest of the cadets, Glory can use these seeds to cast spells and also demonstrates use of salva. Salva allows levitation, but takes some time to master, as it works like a drug. Glory embarks on Citydrop with the rest of the cadets, an evaluation the necessitates the use of salva to drop into the city. Glory does not demonstrate natural gifts like Raelle, or even Tally, who has developed Sight. But Glory possesses commitment and kindness that sets her apart. She cares about those around her, supporting Tally when she needs it. Glory's perseverance and spell casting in the field ensures that she gets into War College, an accomplishment that not all witches can achieve.