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Chucky Fans Agree, This Is The Best Scene In Syfy's First Episode

Chucky's name is as recognizable in horror today as Freddy Krueger and Michael Myers, and he stands as the most loved and feared slasher-doll hybrid in the horror genre. First hitting the screens in 1988 in the movie "Child's Play," the red-headed doll with the striped shirt and overalls quickly turned evil and slashed his way into the hearts of horror fans everywhere.

The newest installment to the franchise, the television series "Chucky," premiered on Syfy in 2021, and the show is bringing fear and fun to viewers as Chucky (Brad Dourif), yet again, delivers on the profanity and over-the-top gory death scenes that fans expect. Chucky is a hilariously devious, crowd-pleasing slasher, and Season 1, Episode 1 of "Chucky" wastes no time getting deep into the character that is familiar to so many. Fans of "Chucky" had a lot to say about the first episode of the series, and some scenes have quickly become memorable favorites.

Chucky slaps Jake out of nowhere

In Episode 1 of "Chucky," one of the show's main characters, Jake (Zackary Arthur), takes Chucky home and interrogates the doll inside his bedroom. This scene has viewers buzzing because of a very unsuspected, yet very in-character, slap from Chucky. Redditor u/WalkingATightrope wrote that they loved how "Jake's conversation with Chucky at the end was the same one Karen had when trying to get him to talk." This was in reference to the scene in "Child's Play" when Karen (Catherine Hicks) tells Chucky to start talking and threatens to throw him into the fireplace. 

Other users agreed, with u/XxCALBRAxX noting, "That was hilarious. You just are fully expecting him to say 'okay fine, then I'll make you talk' but then half way through just BONK," and u/Joel3508 adding, "that's what the writers wanted us to think. (Think he'll torture Chucky into talking but him smacking Jake completely caught me off guard!)."

The scene in question shows Jake holding Chucky suspended in the air and close to his face, daring the doll to talk. However, instead of enduring Jake's pleas for him to say something, Chucky simply slaps him across the face. After which, Jake throws the doll to the ground and Chucky rises, slowly revealing himself to have consciousness through his body movements before bombarding Jake with his usual profanities.

Fans of "Chucky" love this scene and plenty others, as the show seamlessly carries on the legacy of the iconic slasher doll.