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Here's How You Can Watch The First Episode Of Chucky Online For Free

"Chucky," the TV series adaptation of the classic horror franchise "Child's Play," premiered on October 12 simultaneously on USA and Syfy. The series was created by Don Mancini, who also wrote and directed the pilot. In the continuity of the "Child's Play" franchise, the show comes after 2017's "Cult of Chucky" and is entirely separate from the 2019 "Child's Play" remake.

The series follows Jake Wheeler (Zackary Arthur), a 14-year-old boy who buys a peculiar vintage doll at a yard sale. That doll, of course, is Chucky, who is possessed by the evil spirit of serial killer Charles Lee Ray. Jake is mistreated at home and at school, which Chucky takes advantage of and corrupts his new owner. The cast includes Devon Sawa as Lucas — Jake's abusive father. Sawa also plays Jake's uncle Logan, who is Lucas's twin brother. Brad Dourif returns to voice Chucky, something he's done since 1988 (via IMDb).

The series has been well-received so far as it boasts a 93% fresh score on Rotten Tomatoes — and is definitely worth watching if you're a horror fan. Luckily for fans of the murderous doll, there's a way to watch the first episode for free online.

The first episode of Chucky is free online

USA and Syfy original series are difficult to watch if you don't have cable. They're not available on streaming services the day after they air, not even on Peacock, which is also owned by the networks' parent company, NBCUniversal. In an effort to try to get viewers to buy in, Syfy has made the premiere episode of "Chucky" available to watch online for free via YouTube. The episode is accompanied by a behind-the-scenes featurette looking at the pilot through interviews with the cast and crew.

This free episode also happens to be an extended cut, running just over 46 minutes. Many fans have been taking advantage of watching the first episode for free, as the YouTube video had well over 200,000 views in under 24 hours. The comments section also filled up with positive responses from fans, many of whom are praising Don Mancini for honoring the history of Chucky.

To catch all the subsequent episodes of "Chucky," tune into USA or SyFy every Tuesday night.