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Here's Who Mortal Kombat's Creator Wants Dwayne Johnson To Play In The Next Movie

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has starred in multiple films based on video games throughout his career, including "Doom" and "Rampage." And it doesn't seem like he intends to stop that trend any time soon. Quite the opposite, in fact. During a recent interview with Men's Journal, Johnson teased, "We're going to bring one of the biggest, most badass games to the screen—one that I've played for years." 

In the interview, Johnson clarified that details about this upcoming adaptation will be revealed sometime in the next year, so if you're dying to know what game he's bringing to the screen next, you'll just have to wait. Based on Johnson's comments, it sounds like the game he's talking about is one that hasn't already been reworked for the big screen. But if we're talking about legendary video games that have already received the live-action adaptation treatment, then Johnson could theoretically already have another role lined up. "Mortal Kombat" co-creator Ed Boon has a part in mind for the wrestler-turned-movie star, and he recently took to social media to share his inspired casting idea with the world.

Boon thinks The Rock would be a great Mortal Kombat villain

As you can imagine, when Dwayne Johnson teased that he had another video game adaptation in the works, it set the internet alight with speculation about which game, in particular, he might be referring to (Dwayne Johnson as Tom Nook in "Animal Crossing," anyone?). That's when Ed Boon, one of the architects behind the original "Mortal Kombat," decided to chime in with his own opinion on Twitter. Boon said of Johnson, "He'd make a great Shao Kahn."

Shao Kahn, one of the legendary villains of the "Mortal Kombat" franchise, would be an interesting change of pace for Johnson, who's used to portraying heroes on screen. But would it really be that much of a departure? Johnson became famous as heel wrestler The Rock, and in the upcoming "Black Adam," he'll be playing one of Captain Marvel's most famous antagonists, albeit likely in a more nuanced, anti-hero fashion. 

So, even though Johnson probably wasn't referring to another "Mortal Kombat" movie when he teased his own upcoming video game adaptation, there's always the possibility that Boon's fancast could one day come true.