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The Scene From Syfy's Chucky Season 1 Episode 3 That Went Too Far

Contains spoilers for "Chucky" Season 1 Episode 3, "I Like to be Hugged."

SyFy's "Chucky" takes its viewers on a wild ride, filling the audience in on the titular character's twisted backstory while bringing us up to speed with faces from the franchise's past, like Andy Barclay (Alex Vincent). It also introduces fresh figures like Jake Wheeler (Zackary Arthur), Lexy Cross (Alyvia Alyn Lind), and Devon Evans (Björgvin Arnarson), a group of teens who find themselves going toe-to-toe with the killer doll and his many acolytes.

The series has refused to stint on gore and chaos throughout its first season, and that makes it a little harder to pinpoint which blood-soaked moments go too far. But the fans posting down at r/Chucky, a subreddit devoted to discussing all things related to the sprawling "Child's Play" franchise, think they've figured out which moment in the show's third episode pushes the envelope.

Chucky's act of matricide shocked the show's fans

During "I Like to be Hugged," we get another peek into the childhood of future serial killer Charles Lee Ray (voice of Brad Dourif, portrayed at 7 years old by David Kohlsmith). The audience has glimpsed moments of the character's sociopathy throughout the first two episodes. But in Episode 3 his family home is invaded by a serial killer who has been tormenting his Hackensack neighborhood. The murderer finds Chucky hiding in a closet, and then offers Chucky the chance to help him carry out his kills. When given the opportunity Chucky chooses to stab his mother to death with a pocket knife.

Fans of the franchise definitely think that moment went too far. "[T]he choice to have Chucky kill his own mom really shows off what [a] sociopath he is," said u/Nightwing1852. "That was the first time I have actually been truly disturbed by chucky," posted u/PTfan. "[S]howing him do that as a kid really shocked me." u/FemtoSenju wasn't surprised that Chucky had killed as a child; "what actually shocked me was that both his parents were loving."

Other fans took a more negative stance. "It seemed Chucky had a fascination with that specific killer as much as with the act of killing," said u/toguraum. Another user expressed their "disappointment" in Chucky, adding, "I thought his 1st kill would be him killing the killer."

Others enjoyed the plot twist. u/Lmb1011 posted, "love that Chucky is just someone who loves to kill." Fans will have to wait to see who Chucky kills when the show's second season debuts.