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The Untold Truth Of Jasper Dolphin

"Jackass Forever" might not really feature the controversial "Jackass" performer Bam Margera, who will reportedly appear in just one stunt in the movie. However, despite the fact that one of the franchise's best-known faces will be largely gone from "Jackass Forever," the movie's overall daredevil stunt performer quotient will actually increase, thanks to the introduction of carefully vetted newcomers. Per Variety, these new "Jackass" alumni include people who come from the kinds of backgrounds you'd expect, like acting (Eric Manaka), stunt work (Zach Holmes of MTV's "Too Stupid to Die" fame), surfing (Sean "Poopies" McInerney), and comedy (Rachel Wolfson). However, there's one new "Jackass" member whose main gig you wouldn't necessarily associate with injury-defying comedy stunts ... at least, until you take a closer look at his career.

Jasper Dolphin is a rapper and entertainer who has rubbed shoulders with some of the true legends of the industry. Let's take a look at the untold truth of the "Jackass Forever" star.  

He's good friends with Tyler, the Creator

As tends to be the case with the "Jackass" franchise, "Jackass Forever" includes multiple guest appearances form famous folks. Some of them are "Jackass"-adjacent celebrities like skateboarder Tony Hawk, who has featured in the franchise's various offerings multiple times over the years. Other people, like comedian Eric André, musician Machine Gun Kelly, and "Mythbusters" star Tory Belleci all seem like a natural fit for the franchise. However, eclectic hip-hop genius Tyler, the Creator might not immediately seem like such a natural match with "Jackass" antics ... if you didn't know better, of course.

Not only is Tyler, the Creator a veteran of oddball entertainment — you can witness his voice acting in "The Jellies!" and "Axe Cop," for instance — but he and Jasper Dolphin are also longtime friends and co-conspirators. Dolphin has featured on Tylers' albums, the pair has been involved in a number of creative projects, and according to Spin, they've even made waves as style icons.  

Jasper Dolphin is a longtime member of Odd Future

Jasper Dolphin has been making waves on the hip-hop scene for quite a while, thanks to his association with Odd Future, a collective that released its first album in 2008 (via Discogs). Odd Future had enough going for them that Billboard proclaimed them "the future of the music business" in a 2011 cover story. Indeed, the group's membership includes some pretty massive names, including Tyler, the Creator, as well as singer-songwriter Frank Ocean. 

Per the Billboard story, Dolphin's chief focus has been comic relief and strong online presence, though he does perform on multiple tracks. Of course, it should be noted that from the beginning, Odd Future was far more than just a musical venture. The collective — the full name of which is Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All — has been home for a number of people whose interests range from music, design and film to simply skateboarding. 

Jasper Dolphin's first Jackass connection came years ago

Fans of Adult Swim may very well remember Jasper Dolphin from "Loiter Squad," a sketch comedy show that features members of Odd Future. The series ran on the network for three seasons between 2012 and 2014, and has likely been a pretty big step on Dolphin's path to "Jackass Forever." After all, Dickhouse Productions — the production house of "Jackass" — produced the show's Seasons 1 and 2, and "Jackass" co-creator Jeff Tremaine served as an executive producer. 

As such, it's no surprise that you can spot several members of the "Jackass" cast making guest appearances in "Loiter Squad." Bam Margera's 2010 turn as Dubstep Dad is arguably the most memorable of them all, but "Loiter Squad" also features guest stints by Johnny Knoxville, Chris Pontius, Dave England, and common "Jackass" guest Tony Hawk. In fact, one could argue that "Loiter Squad's" list of guests overshadows "Jackass" by a considerable margin. Apart from Hollywood stars like Channing Tatum and Seth Rogen, the show also features a who's who of music legends, ranging from Snoop Dogg and Lil Wayne to Q-Tip and George Clinton. 

Since Dolphin is one of the most prominent cast members in the show, it's highly likely that this is where Knoxville and others made a note of his talents, if they hadn't already. 

He further honed his Jackass chops in Jasper & Errol's First Time

In 2019, Jasper Dolphin and fellow Odd Future alumnus Errol Chatham teamed up for "Jasper & Errol's First Time," a show that explores what happens when the pair tries things they have absolutely no experience of for — you guessed it — the first time. Under this highly entertaining premise, the pair tries things that range from Jackass-esque bull riding, becoming a "human beehive," and walking on fire to highly technical activities like synchronized swimming and yodeling (via Vice). The show also prominently features Dolphin's father, Dark Shark. 

"First Time" is, incidentally, once again produced by Jeff Tremaine, so at this point, Dolphin clearly had his foot firmly in the "Jackass" door. He was quite quick to admit the influence, too. "I for sure grew up watching 'Jackass' and 'Wildboyz', and all the movies," Dolphin said. However, he noted that "First Time" tends to focus on actually learning the things they attempt, as opposed to the classic "Jackass" tendency to go for painful failure. "This one, I'm actually trying new things and not just, like, 'I'm going to go hurt myself today'."

You've seen him in some surprising places

Jasper Dolphin might be known as a rapper, but as his work with "Loiter Squad" and "First Time" indicate, he's no stranger to performing in front of the camera. Though reports have indicated that he goes by Jasper Dolphin in "Jackass Forever," don't go looking for Dolphin in IMDb under that name. His screen credits are listed under his birth name, Davon Wilson, which is probably sensible considering that he tends to use multiple billings — apart from Dolphin, he's gone as Jasper Davon Wilson and Davon "Jasper" Wilson. 

There's a fair chance that even if you're not familiar with the aforementioned shows, you've seen his work before. Dolphin's background as a musician and Odd Future member mean that he's racked in plenty of appearances in music videos, including his own and Tyler, the Creator's. You can also spot him as a dancer in Pharrell Williams' iconic video for the hit song "Happy." He's done voice work in Tyler, the Creator's animated show "The Jellies!" which also features voice acting legends like Phil LaMarr and Kevin Michael Richardson. He's also appeared in "The Eric Andre Show," "WWE Smackdown," "Ridiculousness," and "Mac Miller and the Most Dope Family."