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Why Ian From Mayor Of Kingstown Looks So Familiar

Amidst a seemingly endless lineup of crime dramas, Paramount+'s "Mayor of Kingstown" manages to stand out with its thrilling plot lines and commentary on race, inequality, and the American prison system. The show was co-created by "Yellowstone" star Hugh Dillon and showrunner Taylor Sheridan, and it stars Jeremy Renner as the mayor of the titular rust belt town where the only major economy is its multitude of prisons. Renner stars as Mike McLusky, the man in the middle of the massive crime web who deals with law enforcement, politicians, prison guards, and more. 

"Mayor of Kingstown" also stars Dillon, the series' co-creator/executive producer, as a homicide detective named Ian Ferguson. Ferguson finds himself in the center of the town's tension regarding the business of mass incarceration. And Season 1 left him trapped in a sewer under the prison, with fans waiting for a new set of episodes to clarify his fate. 

Dillon has quite the history in Hollywood, so you likely found his face familiar if you've been tuning into "Mayor of Kingstown." In case you can't figure out how you recognize him, we broke down some of his most iconic roles. 

Dillon was team leader Ed Lane on Flashpoint

One of Hugh Dillon's more recognizable roles is his portrayal of Ed Lane on the Canadian crime drama "Flashpoint." The series centers around a tactical unit within the Canadian Metro Police Force dubbed SRU: Team One. Lane is the team leader of SRU and is later promoted to sergeant. He's good at his job, but it seems to always affect his home life with his wife and kids. Outside of his personal life, Lane's job also takes a toll on his mental state. 

Lane is the sniper of the group and knows he is talented at his job. However, one killing that was shown on "Flashpoint" left him feeling unsettled within himself and his actions. That comes with the territory when you are a part of a tactical police force tasked with resolving extreme situations like hostage cases or bomb threats. But his dedication paid off when he was promoted during the show's finale.

Dillon previously worked with Taylor Sheridan on Wind River

Hugh Dillon and Taylor Sheridan have quite the history, as Dillon starred in the director's 2017 film "Wind River." The neo-Western drama is a murder mystery, with characters portrayed by Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen on the case. The body of an 18-year-old named Natalie (portrayed by Kelsey Asbille) was discovered in a remote location, and police are trying to track down her killer. Dillon took on a more minor role in the film and, for once, he wasn't cast as a law enforcement official, despite the crime-ridden storyline. 

Dillon played Curtis, the work supervisor of Matt (portrayed by Jon Bernthal). Matt was Natalie's boyfriend who worked as a security guard. However, during the investigation into Natalie's murder, Matt's body is also discovered rotting in the woods. Curtis has a minor, but important role in putting the puzzle pieces together for the mystery at the center of the story.

Dillon was Sheriff Donnie Haskell on Yellowstone

As previously hinted, Dillon has portrayed Sheriff Donnie Haskell in more than a dozen episodes of Paramount Network's "Yellowstone." On the show, Dillon returned to his pattern of playing law enforcement officials. Not only is Haskell the sheriff in town, but he's also a close friend to the Dutton family who battle obstacles left and right to keep their farmland. 

Unfortunately, Dillon's character bid a heartbreaking goodbye after he was shot during a hold-up at a local cafe on the show. The bulk of his appearances occurred in Season 2 and Season 4 of the series, but he was still a constant and familiar face to viewers. It's unclear if the character will make a comeback in future seasons through flashback scenes, or if he's really gone for good. But his impact will forever live on, thanks to his memorable role on "Yellowstone."