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The Clever Detail You Missed In Archer Season 7 Episode 8

The animated espiocom (that's espionage comedy, Lana) "Archer" has a style that seems conducive to Easter eggs and various kinds of esoteric references. Keeping up with all the different jokes and allusions on the show can be a challenging task, and pretty much every episode is loaded with details that might escape the casual viewer.

Fortunately, this is the internet, and casual viewers don't exist, and people are discovering background jokes and gags all the time. One particularly good one was caught by a fan on Reddit, and it appears in the 8th episode of the show's 7th season, "Liquid Lunch," which first aired in May of 2016.

In case you need a refresher, "Liquid Lunch" features a guest appearance by none other than Christian Slater, as Agent Slater, whose friendship with Archer (H. Jon Benjamin) creates a predictable conflict in his relationship with Lana (Aisha Tyler). But actually, the gag we're concerned with here is largely centered on Chris Parnell's hapless accountant Cyril.

This Archer Easter egg involves a mathematics joke

Like a lot of "Archer" jokes, this background gag requires a little bit of inside information on the part of the viewer. If you pay attention to the text on screens on the show (a good idea, if you want to appreciate the myriad details that make up every episode of the series), you might have already noticed the name of the search engine that Cyril uses in one scene: "10^100 Search."

If you're not a mathematics scholar, you might just look at "10^100 Search," wonder how they came up with such a weird name for a search engine, and move on. If you're a seasoned "Archer" viewer, you might assume it's some sort of in-joke or reference that you don't get, and try to look it up. Either way, it becomes much clearer when you realize that Googol is a mathematical term for ten to the hundredth power.

If the number Googol sounds familiar, it's also the inspiration behind the search engine Google. So basically, "10^100 Search" is another way of saying "Google Search," making allowances for spelling. And now, you understand at least one out of 10^100 of the background gags and references on "Archer."