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The Curse Of Oak Island Episodes You Can Skip According To Fans

Off the coast of Nova Scotia is an island that's said to hold mysterious artifacts and treasures. Many believe those finds are myths, but two brothers think they can stumble upon untold riches if they just look hard enough. For nine seasons on History, Rick and Marty Lagina have spearheaded expeditions to find all kinds of valuables on Oak Island, and there's been a camera crew along the way to document their journey. Over the years, the group has found small knickknacks but nothing of substantial value. That could change any day now, and you better believe the Lagina brothers won't stop until they uncover all of the mysteries the island has. 

It's made for captivating television as audiences await the fateful day the Laginas find the treasure they've obsessed over for so long. You never know what the next episode might entail, so it makes sense plenty of viewers have turned to "The Curse of Oak Island" as their next binge-watch. However, with over 100 episodes to get through, it's understandable if you need a bit of a reprieve. After all, not every episode is a winner, and fans seem to think there are a couple of episodes you could probably skip.

Two Curse of Oak Island episodes only have a rating of 6 on IMDb

You can watch "The Curse of Oak Island" in its entirety on Peacock. If you're planning on watching the series from the beginning, you have quite the undertaking ahead of you, and as tends to be the case with any TV show, not every episode can be a winner. As such, you may be inclined to skip a few episodes here and there for your own sanity, and luckily, many of the show's fans have taken to IMDb to rate episodes to let you know which ones are worth checking out more than others. 

When looking at the ranking of every episode, two episodes stand out as the worst or the worst. Most episodes at least fall within the "7" range, but two have landed squarely with 6s. Those would be "The Templar Connection" from Season 5 as well as "A Boatload of Clues" from Season 9. People's disdain for "The Templar Connection" seems to stem from the fact it's more of a bizarre history lesson on the Knights Templar rather than focusing on any excavation. Meanwhile, "A Boatload of Clues" is a disappointment because the gang breaks into the Money Pit and comes out empty-handed. 

Neither one does much to advance the overarching story of "The Curse of Oak Island," so you won't miss much by skipping them during your binge-watch.