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The Sons Of Anarchy Scene That Brought Fans To Tears

FX's motorcycle crime drama "Sons of Anarchy" took fans on a wild ride for seven seasons of pulse-pounding action. Following the lives of the members of the titular motorcycle club and their operation in the fictional California town of Charming, the series introduced memorable characters like series lead Jackson "Jax" Teller (Charlie Hunnam), who serves as the outfit's vice president when the series launches. While "SOA" sports a solid supporting cast of characters, there's no doubt that the show revolves around Jax and his family. On one side of that equation, we have his mother, Gemma Teller-Morrow (Katey Sagal) and her husband Clay Morrow (Ron Perlman), the club's current president; on the other is Jax's wife, Dr. Tara Knowles (Maggie Siff) and his two sons, Abel (Ryder and Evan Londo) and Thomas (Sophia and Victoria Markov). 

Viewers are along for the ride on Jax's emotional journey in "Sons of Anarchy," as he tries to steer the club towards legitimate business interests and get it out of gun running for the IRA. It's clear to Tara that his devotion to the club will always put their family in danger, manifested in Abel's abduction, which leads the club overseas to Ireland to retrieve him. Thomas' birth may have been the glue Jax's family needed to stay together, but Gemma isn't about to let Tara take her son away and that's a battle Tara ultimately loses, paying with her life. 

Jax deals with so much loss in the show — Tara; his best friend, Opie (Ryan Hurst); Opie's father, Piney (William Lucking); his voice of reason, Bobby Elvis (Mark Boone Jr.) — but even some of the lives he takes cause him pain. He did kill his own mother, after all. But one scene in particular shook "SOA" fans something fierce. Here's the "Sons of Anarchy" scene that brought fans to tears.

Seeing Jax say goodbye to his sons got SOA fans emotional

During the "Sons of Anarchy" series finale, Jax has made the decision to sacrifice himself so that his club can remain intact. After killing Jury White (Michael Shamus Wiles), president of the Indian Hills chapter, he has to face Mr. Mayhem and his Redwood Original chapter would face all-out war if they interfered. In order to save them, and at least make it look like they tried to apprehend him and hold him accountable, Jax has to shoot Happy Lowman (David Labrava). But the scene that really breaks fans' hearts is the one in which Jax says goodbye to his sons for the last time before handing them over to be raised by Nero Padilla (Jimmy Smits).

Reddit user AstralTurtle11 put their heart on their sleeve with a post titled "Series finale. This scene broke me. Knowing this is the last time he will see his boys, and they will grow up to hate him." User JamesonJuicebox replied that they were unsure whether or not both sons would end up hating their father, pointing out that Abel was seen fidgeting with the "Son" ring his father had given him. "Still though," AstralTurtle11 responded, "Jax knowing that it's the last time he will see, hug and kiss his children is so heartbreaking. I have a son around Abel's age, and I couldn't imagine saying a final goodbye to him."

Plenty of other users chimed in to respond, with replies ranging from Jax not being that great of a father anyway to simply the word "Stop" accompanied with crying emoji. User Kristennewms offered the most vivid comment, saying "Yeah try watching it while you're on your period. I [bawled] my eyes out into a box of chocolates."