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Why One Chicago's Antonio Dawson Looks So Familiar

It's only natural for audiences to develop a sense of connection with TV characters who have appeared on dozens of episodes of their favorite TV show. However, that connection only deepens when a character manages to extend beyond a single TV series and pop up frequently across multiple series, which is precisely what the "One Chicago" franchise has accomplished. Characters don't appear in just one show, but instead, they usually crossover into other sections of the franchise, like what Antonio Dawson, played by Jon Seda, did.

He made his grand entrance on "Chicago Fire" with the episode "Professional Courtesy," and after going back and forth between various series over the year, he finally left on "Chicago P.D." with "Reckoning." The in-universe explanation for his departure was that he wanted to move to Puerto Rico, away from the hustle and bustle of the Windy City.

His time on "One Chicago" may be over, but Jon Seda isn't going anywhere. He's acted consistently since the early 1990s, and he already has another big TV show to his name. Here's where else you may have seen the actor before.

You may remember him from Bad Boys II

"Bad Boys" was one of the most popular action-comedies to come out of the '90s, so it was no surprise when the gang got back together eight years later for a sequel. With Michael Bay back in the director's chair along with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence returning to the roles they popularized, "Bad Boys II" roared into theaters in 2003 to offer more mayhem and hilarity.

With a new film comes a new case, and this time around, the leading duo has to go up against Hector Juan Carlos "Johnny" Tapia (Jordi Mollà). He showed off what a terrifying (yet hilarious) antagonist he could be in a scene featuring future "One Chicago" actor Jon Seda. In the moment, Roberto (Seda) gives some less than ideal news, and in true villain fashion, Johnny offs Robert immediately. Of course, it wouldn't be a "Bad Boys" movie if the serious moment wasn't followed up with a funny bit, and that's precisely what happens in this instance. Johnny's mother appears and wants to know what all of the commotion is, and with the gun still in his hand, Johnny insists that Seda shot himself.

Seda appeared in the HBO miniseries The Pacific

From a criminal to a respected member of the Armed Forces, Jon Seda can seemingly do it all. In 2010, audiences were reintroduced to the actor when he appeared on the HBO miniseries, "The Pacific." In the show, he portrayed Sergeant John Basilone, who suffered significant injuries while in the line of duty and was ultimately awarded the Medal of Honor. He's then sent home to sell war bonds, but the calling to defend his country is just too great, and he demands to go back into the line of fire. 

He's an incredible individual, all the more impressive seeing how the story is based on real life. In an interview with Den of Geek, Seda spoke about embodying such a man: "His demanding to go back spoke to me about how he didn't see himself as bigger than anyone else. He would never call himself a hero. He wore that medal with pride, but it represented the sacrifices of all the men around him. It was a big responsibility, but I just tried to find the humanity of who he was and work with that."

He could most recently be found on La Brea

Jon Seda departed the "One Chicago" franchise in 2019, but he hasn't been short on work in the time since. In fact, you could see him over on NBC in a new series known as "La Brea." For those unfamiliar with the new drama series, the pilot kicks off when a mysterious sinkhole opens up in the La Brea area of Los Angeles. Strangers, including Seda's Sam Velez, find themselves amidst one another in a primeval world, struggling against hope to find a way back to their homes.

Sam Velez is the type of character who will spring into action to help his cohorts, a quality he shares with Antonio Dawson on "One Chicago." Seda actually spoke about the similarities between the two in an interview with Deadline. When talking about his newest character, the actor stated, "I'm just glad to be a part of it. And yeah, maybe not in cop mode, but I think Dr. Sam will tend to want to help as many people as he can."

Hopefully, Seda sticks around the show for some time to come. Shortly after Season 1 aired, it was announced the series would return for Season 2 (via PEOPLE). It looks like Jon Seda could have yet another long-running series attached to his name.