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The Top-Rated Episode Of 9-1-1 According To IMDb

Fox medical drama "9-1-1" has been thrilling audiences since it first debuted in 2018. Over the course of five seasons, fans have followed the personal and professional lives of a team of first responders in Los Angeles as they save the lives of fellow Angelenos while they figure out their own daily dramas. "9-1-1" boasts an A-list team of television talent, including Peter Krause, Angela Bassett, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Aisha Hinds, Oliver Stark, and Kenneth Choi. The Ryan Murphy co-created series has been so successful that it even spawned a spin-off show, "9-1-1: Lone Star," now in its third season.

It's been so long since Season 5 aired a new episode (the December 6, 2021 episode "Wrapped in Red," to be exact) that it's only natural to wonder if the Fox show has been canceled. If you're emotionally invested in the series, there's good news. According to a late December 2021 casting report from TVLine, "9-1-1" is on a brief hiatus and should return with new Season 5 episodes in spring 2022. 

While you wait, you can do what lots of superfans do and binge old episodes on Hulu. If you don't particularly care about watching them in order and just want to see the best of the best, how about starting with the highest-rated episode of the show so far?

This Season 3 episode is the highest rated of the series so far

Season 3 of "9-1-1" is considered one of the best out of the whole series — if the ratings on IMDb tell us anything. While the Fox drama boasts a 7.2 IMDb rating overall, the third season boasts two of the highest-rated episodes to air so far. The episode with the highest rating to date is Season 3, Episode 2, "Sink or Swim" (via IMDb). With a 9.2 rating, this stunning installment clearly takes the cake as far as fans and their ratings are concerned. In the episode, things get intense when Santa Monica is pulverized by a massive tsunami. Then the writers crank up the drama by putting two of the main characters — Christopher (Gavin McHugh) and Buck (Oliver Stark) — in harm's way.

Preserved in a Reddit thread from 2019 are some of the things that fans loved when the episode first came out were the touches of realism. Redditor u/CryptidGrimnoir was pleasantly surprised when the show "actually acknowledged that multiple waves are a thing. That doesn't always happen in these shows." Another commenter on that thread, u/Pepsiman34, was impressed with how the show came out swinging so early in the season, noting that "this show does not mess around on season openers." Reddit user KneonLightz followed that up with the flippant reply "'911' Season 4: This time its meteors." It's readily apparent that fans had a great time with this episode, which means it might just be worth a re-watch before new episodes make a comeback.