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Why Dr. Trulie From Good Sam Looks So Familiar

2022 has already given audiences a litany of new shows to become their new obsessions. One of these shows that should definitely be on your radar is "Good Sam" over on CBS. The series follows a young, talented surgeon, Dr. Samantha Griffith (Sophia Bush), who becomes the top surgeon at her hospital only after her boss, who just so happens to be her father, Dr. Rob Griffith (Jason Isaacs), falls into a coma. Things only become more complicated when he gets out of that coma and wants to resume surgery, which means his daughter would be the one supervising him. 

Of course, there are more wrinkles to this story the further you look, including an affair Dr. Rob Griffith has with Dr. Samantha's best friend, Dr. Lex Trulie (Skye P. Marshall). Not since "E.R." has there been so much drama taking place at a medical facility, which only ensures plenty of steamy plots for "Good Sam" to follow throughout its first season and beyond. 

For the time being, here's where you might have seen star Skye P. Marshall before.

She lit up as Kara Fowdy on Black Lightning

Believe it or not, Hollywood wasn't Skye P. Marshall's first calling. Prior to pursuing acting, she served in the United States Air Force. Upon leaving the service, she went back to Chicago and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Northeastern Illinois University. She got a normal 9-to-5 job for a while, but after realizing it just wasn't for her, she decided to throw herself into acting full-time, and it wasn't long until she was landing parts in "House" and "Dexter." 

However, she broke out in a big way when she landed the role of Kara Fowdy on The CW's "Black Lightning." Kara is the vice principal of Garfield High School, where Jefferson Pierce's (Cress Williams) daughters attend school. She also served as a spotter for the American Security Agency, and along the way, she ends up getting caught up in Tobias Whale's (Marvin "Krondon" Jones III) master plans. After appearing in the first two seasons, Kara suffered a fatal wound from Tobias himself.

As Marshall would reveal in an interview with CT, Kara Fowdy wasn't always in the cards for the actress to play. She'd state, "Pilot season comes; they had me go in and audition for Lynn, the mother." Suffice to say, everything worked out in the end, and "Black Lightning" was just one of the many noteworthy projects Marshall amassed in recent years. 

Her next recurring gig came on The Fix

Once her time on "Black Lightning" came to an end, Skye P. Marshall didn't have to wait too long to find her next recurring gig. In 2019, she landed a three-episode arc on "The Fix" as Angela Ashley. Her introduction to the show was met with near-universal praise from fans. When the announcement of her appearance debuted on Twitter, comments poured in saying things like, "Hmmmm a new [girl's] in town! I think she is on to something" and "Loving this character!!"

No one was more excited over the part than Skye P. Marshall herself. Later in her interview with CT, when the actress is asked about what she has on deck next, she responded, "We created this legal drama, and the character that I play, when I first saw the breakdown, it said 'Angela Bassett at 35.' I said, 'I dare y'all to give this to someone else. I double dare you.' So I went in there and owned it and booked it the same day." She may have only appeared on three episodes, but no doubt she would've gotten plenty more work on the show had it lasted longer than a single season.

Marshall last appeared as Mambo Marie on Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

From legal dramas to superhero TV shows, Skye P. Marshall has seemingly done it all. She's even dipped her toes into the supernatural when she landed the recurring part of Mambo Marie on Netflix's "Chilling Adventures of Sabina." She makes her debut in Part 3 of the series as a Haitian voodoo witch who eventually makes her way to Greendale to aid the witches' coven to help defeat the pagans. 

Marshall spoke with Queerty about how the role was significant for her in more ways than one. As she put it, "At the time that I booked this role ... I won't lie. My crown was tilted a bit. Playing Mambo Marie gave me my power back. I was able to intentionally move in my feminine energy, but then also move in masculine energy, and combine the two forces to propel, if you will. That was really fun." However, playing such a unique character wasn't the only important facet of playing Mambo Marie: "This is the first show that has allowed me to wear my natural hair ... To be able to have my natural hair on the show ... that was empowering as well. The pineapple is power. I could stand in my truth and feel super powerful."

With her role on "Good Sam," it's clear the sky's the limit for Skye P. Marshall going forward.