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Westworld Website Teases Host Takeover In Season 2

Contains spoilers for Westworld season 1

All is definitely not well inside the Westworld park. Of course, if you watched the first season finale, you already knew that.

Although we've still got a while before season 2, a new update to the official website hints that there's still trouble in the park. When you visit Discover Westworld, you'll see a glitchy "SOS Takeover" GIF that shows a "registered user" pleading for help from the outside work because "something's gone wrong in the park." However, that message is overwritten when the screen says "Loading — Journey Into Night...," which is the final narrative of the late Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins). The message then changes to "All is well. Celebrations continue."

Co-creator Jonathan Nolan revealed last month that "Journey Into Night" will be the title of the season 2 premiere.

When we last left the park, Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) had killed Westworld creator Ford as her fellow hosts turned on the human guests. We don't know exactly when the second season will be set, but it definitely seems like the hosts are still running things. 

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