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This Netflix Romcom Just Stole Fans Hearts

During the holiday season, Netflix is abuzz with different romantic comedies. This is the prime time for romance, and the streaming platform has a lot of options. TV Line recently ranked all the Christmas-themed romances that Netflix has to offer, and it's hard to argue with number one: "The Christmas Prince."

"The Christmas Prince" capitalizes on the fantasy of finding out that your perfect match is a prince from a fictional country. Romances featuring royalty provide a wish-fulfillment aspect that draws viewers to this genre. These films offer escapism and comfort during the holidays, when people need it most. "The Christmas Prince" was so significant it went on to produce two sequels, and fans are hoping for a "Christmas Prince 4."

Though the holidays have since passed, there is never a bad time to fall in love with a royal. And there is one royalty-themed rom-com that is sweeping fans off their feet.

The Royal Treatment is number three on Netflix's top 10

Though at first glance "The Royal Treatment" may have the typical set-up to any rom-com, the film goes on to have genuine surprises. Izzy (Laura Marano) is a hairstylist from the Bronx, and it seems as though life could not get worse for her. But things start to change when she gets hired mistakenly for Prince Thomas's (Mena Massoud) hair appointment. Eventually, the two bond, and Thomas invites Izzy to style him for his arranged wedding.

Decider fully recommends streaming the film, stating that "'The Royal Treatment' is a little less corny and a little more heartfelt, buoyed by two charming lead performances from Laura Marano and Mena Massoud.'"

Fans on Twitter love it, too. @hussny_ wrote, "The royal treatment is my new feel-good movie." Some fans specifically loved how sweet the main couple was. "It's nice to have a taste of fresh, light, romantic comedy every once in a while. Izzy's character was so lovely that I, myself, want to fall in love with her too," tweeted @berreview. "As cliche as it was, [a] fairy tale ending never fails to make one's heart giddy."

The combination of romance tropes as well as well-intentioned characters who fall in love make the film a must-watch on Netflix.