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We Finally Know What Johnny Depp's Next Movie Role Will Be

Once one of the more prolific stars in Hollywood, Johnny Depp's career has been (relatively) on the skids ever since domestic abuse allegations were made by ex-wife Amber Heard. The allegations combined with the legal fallout following his failure to win a libel case over them in British court cost him his role in the ongoing "Fantastic Beasts" film franchise (via The Guardian), and though he has continued to work in the last few years, his profile has plummeted and the films he appears in these days are much smaller than the tentpole blockbusters he used to star in.

Depp's last feature film credit is for the 2020 drama "Minamata," which he also produced. And we now know what his next film role will be as well. Regardless of the actor's present career circumstances, the project definitely seems to be a strange one, even in the context of Depp's history of selecting unusual, offbeat roles.

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The film is reportedly likely to be in French

The report comes from Variety, where it's been confirmed that Depp's next role will be as French king Louis XV in a film by the mononymous auteur Maïwenn. The title and plot synopsis aren't for public consumption just yet, and the movie won't even begin shooting until this summer, but the most interesting tidbit has to be regarding the film's likely spoken language: All of Maiwenn's previous films as director are in French.

The article points out that Depp lived in France for several years and has picked up the language, albeit with a "noticeable American accent." But doing an entire feature film in French would certainly be a departure for the American actor. However, such a move makes sense for Depp, whose celebrity and star power has reportedly not been damaged as much in Europe as it has in the United States.