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Law & Order Revival Teaser Reveals The DA We've All Been Waiting For

It's been nearly 12 years since NBC aired the Season 20 finale of their groundbreaking procedural-legal drama "Law & Order." That episode, of course, also served as the series' finale of the legendary show, which regularly ranks on television's all-time greats (via CBS). As we're now living through the heyday of the revival series, it seems that no show is every truly cancelled. And indeed, the flagship "Law & Order" is soon to make its own return to NBC more than a decade after the network unexpectedly cancelled it.

And given the series' enduring legacy, it would probably be unwise to expect anything but a triumphant return to the airwaves for "Law & Order." For those keeping track, that return will come on February 24, 2022 (via Us Weekly). With said date rapidly approaching, NBC has finally started to ramp up promotion for Season 21 of "Law & Order," doing so with a just-released teaser featuring some of the series' stars. And yes, that promo fronted the return of the fan-favorite District Attorney "Law & Order" fans have been waiting to see. 

Law & Order fans get their first peek at Jack McCoy's return

The beloved DA in question is indeed Jack McCoy, who was portrayed on "Law & Order" by Sam Waterston for 16 of the series' 20 seasons (via IMDb). As it happens, the last time fans of "Law & Order' saw Waterston playing McCoy, it was on the O.G. series' long-running spin-off "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit," where he assisted on one of the SVU team's more troubling cases.

Given McCoy's ongoing presence in the "Law & Order" realm, and the fact that he was one of the original series' most enduring characters, it was hardly a surprise when NBC announced he'd be back for the revival. Still, long-time "Law & Order" fans undoubtedly got some serious chills seeing him in the new teaser.

Surprisingly, we still don't know much about the new season of "Law & Order." And the new teaser doesn't really doesn't offer much, with Waterston turning up briefly to utter a few words of wisdom, stating in his signature gravely voice, "It's okay to play the hero... as long as you win." It's unclear who he's speaking to, however, with the clip quickly cutting to shots of the series' new cast members Odelya Halevi ("Good Girls Revolt"), Jeffrey Donavan ("Burn Notice"), and Hugh Dancy ("Hannibal").

As exciting as it is to get a look at those "L&O" rookies, Waterston is clearly the main attraction here, and we cannot wait to see what Jack's up to these days.