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How Long Does It Take To Beat Rainbow Six: Extraction?

Described by its creators as "a thrilling tactical co-op FPS" with opportunities for solo and trio gameplay, recently released title "Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Extraction" has the potential to appeal to a wide variety of gamers, even outside of the usual "Rainbow Six" crowd. Though critical reviews have found pros and cons in "Rainbow Six Extraction," anyone who has played a previous "Rainbow Six" title knows the games often go under-appreciated at launch. 

The newest installment in the series adds sci-fi elements while retaining a lot of what players liked about its predecessor, "Rainbow Six Siege." In addition, "Rainbow Six: Extraction" also reintroduces PvE gameplay to the franchise, which may attract fans of "Rainbow Six" games prior to "Siege."

Clearly, there's a lot to consider with "Rainbow Six Extraction," but before potential players invest their time and money, they'll want to know how much content they'll be getting for the price. Though the completion time for "Rainbow Six: Extraction" will vary, depending on player familiarity and playstyle. Still, there is enough telling info out there to give fans an idea if "Extraction" is worth their time.

Rainbow Six Extraction Promises Long-Term Thrills

"Rainbow Six: Extraction" is a fairly hefty title, enticing players to stick around for awhile for what the devs claim is "endless replayability." According to Infinite Start, conquering all the content currently available in "Rainbow Six: Extraction" should take players around 15-20 hours. As some of the more "randomized" aspects of team missions may boost that playtime and force players to take different routes to success. Though it creates some uncertainty, the element of variety could be considered a big part of what makes "Rainbow Six: Extraction" unique and exciting in the series.

GameSpot came to a similar conclusion, estimating that it would take 20 hours for players to see everything the game has to offer. However, there was also an acknowledgement that "Rainbow Six Extraction" doesn't have a definite endpoint. The lack of a campaign mode and the addition of endgame content that unlocks after Level 17 both mean that players can play for much longer than that initial 20 hours, if they so wish. Some "Rainbow Six: Extraction" players may be swayed by the promise of continued content updates post-launch, including a weekly challenge mode and additional enemies promised on the official game site.

For those interested in playing, "Rainbow Six: Extraction" is coming to Xbox Game Pass at a time when many other games are rumored to be leaving, making it an even more attractive prospect. The game is now available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, and PC.