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The Most Paused Bev Moment In Netflix's Midnight Mass

While Mike Flanagan has made his mark in movies with features such as "Doctor Sleep," "Hush," and "Oculus," his work in television over the past few years has garnered attention and a new set of fans. After two seasons of his Netflix "Haunting" series, titled "The Haunting of Hill House" and "The Haunting of Bly Manor," Flanagan turned his attention to another miniseries for Netflix. Titled "Midnight Mass," the 2021 series was notable especially for not being an adaptation of existing work, unlike the stories in both "Haunting" seasons.

"Midnight Mass" follows the residents of Crockett Island, where a series of unexplainable and potentially supernatural events begin to occur, causing the residents to react in different ways. Among one of the more prominent characters was Beverly Keane, played by Samantha Sloyan. Bev's actions over the course of the miniseries caused viewers to react in a variety of ways, including leading some of them to pause the show at parts. Here is the most paused Bev moment in "Midnight Mass."

Bev's actions against a dog upset many viewers

Speaking about the miniseries, fans pointed to the death of the dog belonging to Joe Collie (Robert Longstreet) as a particularly upsetting moment. The death occurs during the Crock Pot Festival, a potluck held by the island's residents during Ash Wednesday after Joe's pet is seen eating a hot dog that someone places on the ground. While Bev is never shown poisoning the food or feeding the dog, fellow island resident and teacher Erin Greene (Kate Siegel) sees her taking animal poison from the school storeroom before the dog's death, and the island's sole law officer, Sheriff Hassan (Rahul Kohli) questions her about it after the incident.

Redditor u/mrs_ouchi, in a conversation about the episode, wrote, "Bev is horrible. That poor dog. what a horrible and painful way to die!" u/xxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxx expressed a similar sentiment, commenting "if anyone did that to my dog – oh my god – I was horrified." u/GigantorBlue agreed, replying "Dude, I almost had to look away from that. Freakin' gut wrenching," while fellow commenter u/TheGreatHarley admitted, "I had to put my tv on mute and fast forward a few seconds, couldn't handle it."

User u/cliberte98 expressed sadness at their fear being confirmed, writing, "I knew it. I knew the poor dog wasn't gonna make it and now I'm crying. I wanna fight this Mrs. Carmody wannabe," comparing Beverly Keane to a similar character in the Stephen King story "The Mist."