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How Faye Valentine From Netflix's Cowboy Bebop Should Really Look

In 1998, the wonderfully jazz-oriented, space-western anime "Cowboy Bepop" brought characters with levels of personality and charisma that hadn't before been seen. The 26-episode anime somehow finds a way to spill out tragedy, hilarity, and coolness while not being too much to handle for even anime newbies. Recently, Netflix brought the world a live-action version of the anime, along with all of the beloved characters within it.

One of these characters is the fierce and intelligent yet foul-mouthed Faye Valentine, portrayed in the Netflix series by Daniella Pineda. Valentine is an independent force to be reckoned with, and though she's always looking out for herself, she develops a team-like relationship with Spike Spiegel (John Cho) and Jet Black (Mustafa Shakir).

Like the series itself, the characters in the anime have very distinct appearances, with Valentine herself probably having one of the most iconic looks in the show. If you've never seen the anime, here's how Valentine should really look.

Faye Valentine has a very signature look in the anime

In the "Cowboy Bepob" anime, Faye Valentine is a Singaporean-Romani woman who comes packed with a harsh attitude and loud presence. The series emphasizes that Faye has an over-the-top attitude and that she is an attractive woman with the appearance of being 23 years old. In reality, she is a 77-year-old woman who was cryogenically frozen for 54 years.

In the anime, Valentine's hair is a deep purple and falls just at her chin, and is always kept back by her signature yellow headband. She has a feminine build that she often utilizes to her advantage before outsmarting and usually beating the daylights out of her adversaries. 

Although her outfit does change in certain episodes or scenarios, Valentine can often be seen wearing a yellow pair of shorts with a yellow button-down crop top and a red jacket worn like a shawl. She tops her look off with some thigh-high tights and a couple of white ankle boots.

The adaptation stayed (mostly) true to her appearance

In the Netflix adaptation of "Cowboy Bebop," the part of Faye Valentine is presented by Daniella Pineda. Pineda nails Valentine's arrogant and driven personality, with the swearing and the nonchalant demeanor being stepped up a few notches for the show.

Valentine's hair in the show stays faithful to the anime with the same deep purple and chin-length look. For the most part, the outfit has remained the same, at least the top portion. The yellow button-down and red jacket are now worn above a pair of black shorts, with black full-length tights. The white ankle boots have also been swapped out in favor of black thigh-high boots.

From the sorrows to the sarcasm, the Netflix adaptation does a decent job of matching the live-action storyline to that of the anime, and the look of Valentine on the Netflix adaptation is pretty spot on in comparison to her character's appearance in the original "Cowboy Bebop" anime.