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The Adventures Of Maid Marian Release Date, Cast, And Plot - What We Know So Far

In all of English history, there may be no better-known series of folk tales than those of Robin Hood and his Merry Men. Along with the myths of King Arthur and his knights, Robin Hood stands as a ubiquitous tale that survives well into today through new adaptations and interpretations. Since as far back as the 14th Century AD (via Bold Outlaw), Robin has been altered, spoofed, and spun in any number of ways (with varying levels of success). No matter what, however, Robin and his Merry Men have always maintained a spirit of independence and generosity. Like philanthropic punk rockers, they're always known for stealing from rich English nobility and giving it all to the needy peasants near and far.

Now, it is time for that rebellious nature to come alive once more as another "Robin Hood" adaptation heads our way This one, however, has a brand new twist to it. Reimagining Robin Hood's iconic love interest, "The Adventures of Maid Marian," written and directed by Bill Thomas, puts the eponymous character at the center of the action as a protagonist. With an upcoming release date, here is what we know so far about the film, along with its cast and plot.

What is the release date of The Adventures of Maid Marian?

At the moment, the companies behind "The Adventures of Maid Marian," Picture Perfect and Signature Entertainment, have yet to announce a specific release date for the upcoming film. However, the first official trailer for the movie does say that it will be released sometime in 2022, with a cryptic "COMING SOON" placed at the trailer's conclusion. How soon this is meant to be is still unknown. However, it seems likely that the film will not be released until spring or summer of this year.

On top of that, the production companies have not let on where viewers will be able to watch this film. Neither the video nor its description indicates that the movie will be shown in theaters. Likewise, the trailer does not announce which, if any, streaming service has agreed to host the film upon release. Of course, it is expected that Signature or Picture Perfect will reveal this information at a later date. For the time being, however, we will simply have to wait.

Who is in the cast of The Adventures of Maid Marian?

When it comes to strong female role models in medieval literature, there aren't too many to go around. Some, like Morgana, appear in Arthurian tales — though she is often a villainess, not quite a role model — but aside from that, women were often damsels (frequently of the "in distress" variety).

When it comes to Maid Marian, however, this was often different. While she was a damsel in many tales, she has also been depicted as an independent female spirit who broke the mold of medieval culture by either betraying tradition to be with Robin or even taking up arms with his band of Merry Men. Some tales even depicted her as Robin's equal in swordplay. This is the version of Marian that "The Adventures of Maid Marian" takes after, as Marian — played by Sophie-Louise Craig — fights against the Sheriff of Nottingham (Bob Cryer) for the rights of the people.

But while Marian may be the sword-slinging main character of this tale, it wouldn't be a true "Robin Hood" story without Robin (Dominic Andersen) and at least one of his Merry Men, in this case, Friar Tuck (Harry Harold). Other important characters set to appear in this film include King John (James Groom), Prioress Elizabeth (Jennifer Matter), Sister Agnes (Lainy Boyle), and Warden Tyler (Gerard Cooke). Much of the cast are relative unknowns, having appeared in smaller roles and lesser-known projects, so the film is sure to introduce some fresh faces to Hollywood. 

What is the plot of The Adventures of Maid Marian?

As we mentioned previously, "The Adventures of Maid Marian" takes inspiration more from the outlaw version of the character of Maid Marian present in certain versions of the tale. Set after Robin's initial conflicts against the Sheriff of Nottingham (via RadioTimes), the famous outlaw has since been pardoned by King Richard and is currently away fighting a war on behalf of England. The story begins, however, when England receives news of Richard's death, allowing the Sheriff of Nottingham to resume his tyrannical grip on the English peasantry. Thankfully, Marian is still there to protect them.

When Robin Hood does come home to once again fight the good fight against the Sheriff, he finds himself in a lot more trouble than he can handle by himself. It's up to Maid Marian to continue leading the charge alongside Robin. Together, the two wage their righteous war against those who would take advantage of the poor and helpless. Whether or not they succeed in their crusade will be seen when "The Adventures of Maid Marian" comes out in 2022.