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What Happened To Ta-Ta Towels After Shark Tank?

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ABC's reality show "Shark Tank" has always given viewers an inside look at the strategies behind turning small ideas into big (and profitable) businesses. The series has been on air since 2009 and shot more than 200 episodes, spawning a massive franchise (via IMDb). The premise is simple: Small business owners present ideas to the "sharks" in an attempt to get them to invest in their product. The regular panel of hosts includes Kevin O'Leary, Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner, and Robert Herjavec. But ABC has also featured some famous faces as guest sharks, like Alex Rodriguez or Bethenny Frankel. 

"Shark Tank" has spawned many popular products that have gone mainstream. The Scrub Daddy sponges and Ring Video Doorbells were both products featured on the show (via Shark Tank Tales). Back in Season 10, one L.A. businesswoman decided to make a comfortable bra, and turned it into a million dollar business. 

In 2018, Los Angeles native Erin Robertson appeared on "Shark Tank" to pitch her idea for a bra that helps the wearer stay dry and keep their breasts in place comfortably. At the time of her pitch, she had only been operating the business for a year and made more than one million sales. Greiner made a deal with Roberston — $200,000 for 40 percent equity. Since Season 10 aired a few years ago already, it begs the question of whether Ta-Ta Towels were a major success, or an ultimate regret. 

Ta-Ta Towels has expanded their product line and sales

Since appearing on "Shark Tank" in 2018, Ta-Ta Towels has seen tremendous growth, as shown on their website. Outside from their signature bra, the company also sells tube tops, shorts, head towels, and more, in a wide variety of patterns and colors — and is constantly rotating their offerings. Since appearing on the show, the price range for the Ta-Ta Towel and other projects has lowered, ranging from $30-35. You can buy them on the Ta-Ta Towels website, or even purchase them on Amazon. It's also very easy to order online because there is a comprehensive size chart based on bra size, and they ship to 30 different countries. 

The company also seems to have only expanded its marketing and social media presence. As of writing, the brand has more than 220,000 Instagram followers. Ta-Ta Towels also added an ambassador program, which they refer to as their "breast friends." Using social media influencers has likely expanded the marketing, considering the company experienced its first customer boom after going viral online prior to their "Shark Tank" appearance.